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A True next generation ReShade preset that adds a new level of depth, color, and visual effects to the original graphics of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. A complex array of effects were used to mimic the 'True HDR' method, along with advanced color grading techniques that I've implemented with great care. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Original Soundtrack $24.99 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Original Extended Soundtrack $36.98 Add all DLC to Cart. About This Game You are one of the three survivors of the slaughter of Castagath. Rescued by Grand Inquisitor Heimlock, you were drafted into the Republic’s Army of the Purifiers at a very young age to be. DLCs were last updated on March 23, 2020 at 05:06 AM. Next automatic update on October 16, 2020 at 05:59 AM.

Hello everyone!

In February 2019, we shared a video and information with you that the team was in Prague with the amazing City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, recording the Soundtrack of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, composed by Jean-Gabriel Raynaud and Cédric Baravaglio.

Today, we’re very happy to announce to you that the Original Soundtrack is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, and downloadable on Steam through the Standard Downloadable Soundtrack offer!
Our eligible Kickstarter backers(Knight+ rank) will receive an email next week with a downloadable link of Wolcen's Soundtrack. Please make sure that your email is up to date on your Kickstarter survey for Wolcen!

About the Soundtrack

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem - Original Extended Soundtrack Download Torrent

Jean-Gabriel Raynaud and Cédric Baravaglio are wonderful composers, and it’s been an honor for us to work with such passionate musicians who understood all the importance music has for us in video games. We worked very closely with them to make sure that all the scenario, the atmosphere, and the epicness are beautifully reflected in the Soundtrack of Wolcen.
We’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished with them, and all this work led us to end up with one of the most epic and longest Soundtrack ever added into a video game, with a total of approximately 8 hours of music!

Here is an exceptional medley for the occasion so you can have a preview of these awesome pieces of music!

You can also check out the Soundtrack recording in Prague here:

Wolcen’s Downloadable Soundtrack is an exclusive Steam offer that includes not only the Standard Original Soundtrack but will also provide you a unique badge, frame, banner and portrait for the Wolcen Official forum, all designed so you can show your love for music!

If you already linked your Wolcen Official account to your Steam account, the badges will be automatically activated next week.

9.99€(11.99USD) - Standard Downloadable Soundtrack - Exclusively on Steam


  • Dive in the world of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem through the high-quality Original Soundtrack, featuring Bosses, Maps and Events epic scoring.
    1h51 minutes of music (35 tracks), live-recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Four for Music Choirs and featuring solo artists and available in 2 formats: Uncompressed MP3 (320kbps, 257Mb) and lossless FLAC (1,33Gb).
  • Standard Downloadable Soundtrack portrait on the Official forums (activated next week).
  • Standard Downloadable Soundtrack frame on the Official forums (activated next week).
  • Standard Downloadable Soundtrack banner on the Official forums (activated next week).
  • Standard Downloadable Soundtrack badge on the Official forums (activated next week).

In early 2020, we will release a new Downloadable Extended Soundtrack, including more than 8 hours of music.
If you purchase the Standard Downloadable Soundtrack today and wish to upgrade it to the Extended version, you will be able to do so, and the price you’ve already paid will be deduced for the upgrade.

Thank you for your support, and please share with us your feedbacks on Steam and Official Forums!

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Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem (Original Game Soundtrack)
Wolcen lords of mayhem review
Catalog NumberN/A
Release DateNov 11, 2019
Publish FormatCommercial
Release Price9.99 EUR
Media FormatDigital
ClassificationOriginal Soundtrack
OrganizationsUnique Horns Studios


ComposerCédric Baravaglio, Jean-Gabriel Raynaud
ArrangerGeorge Strezov, Four for Music, Nathan Einhorn, Marwan Piechaud
PerformerCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Four for Music Choir, Roxane Genot, Jan Hoeglund

Disc 1
01 Main Theme5:01
02 Stormfall, Jewel of the Sea1:13
03 Shield of the Unseen1:48
04 Confrontation2:55
05 Forests4:19
06 Daybreakers1:34
07 Nightfall2:50
08 Nowhere3:49
09 The Fall1:49
10 Sirkis5:42
11 Primordial Structure4:16
12 Serenity Valley3:30
13 Inexorable1:18
14 Grace of Anathea2:42
15 Fate3:23
16 Republic Theme1:11
17 Housing9:17
18 Corrupted Primordial Structure4:25
19 Demon of Souls2:38
20 Refugees2:22
21 Purity in Sacrifice1:11
22 Edric11:15
23 Palace Entrance4:26
24 Final Boss9:14
25 Sorrow1:51
26 Brotherhood of Dawn1:33
27 Apocalyptic Form1:43
28 Civil Unrest1:03
29 Listen, Hunt, Terminate1:26
30 Inner Demon3:00
31 Morning Star1:21
32 Wealth of the Merchant-Prince1:49
33 Fury2:15
34 Will of the Senate1:17
35 Hope1:16
Disc length110:42

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Release


Composed by Cédric Baravaglio and Jean-Gabriel Raynaud
Performed by:
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Four for Music Choir
Roxane Genot - Cello
Jan Hoeglund - Violatar
Mixed by Robin Birner
Orchestrated by:
George Strezov & Four for Music, Nathan Einhorn, Marwan Piechaud
Mastered by Unique Horns Studios
Orchestra Contractor: Tadlow Music
Choir Contractor: Four for Music