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  • Fallout Karma
  • Fallout 3 Karma
  1. Sergeant RL-3 KARMA: NEUTRAL You can buy Sergeant RL-3 from a merchant who sells robots. Tinker and he can be found nearby or around the RobCo Factory.
  2. Feb 18, 2019 Karma's basic mechanics work similarly to the way they do in Fallout 3 (a 2001 point linear scale with -1000 being the most evil and +1000 the most good). Unlike reputation, where one can only gain fame or gain infamy, karma can be gained and lost. Karma also no longer determines which companions you can recruit.

Good karma, a group of NPCs come after you. Bad karma, a different group of NPCs come after you. Occasional speech dialogues from time to time Beyond that, it'll basically allow/deny you from.

Karma's a real bitch, you'd be wise to remember that.

— Michael Masters, Fallout 3

Karma is the reflection of all good and evil choices you make during the game and how they are perceived by the inhabitants of the wasteland in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout Tactics.

  • 4Karma titles
    • 4.1Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics


Karma is, philosophically, the principle of cause and effect. Karma is not only the effects of your actions, but also your intentions that are taken into account and are measured in points called 'Karma points'. The more an intention or an action has as an impact, the more you win or lose karma points.


Karma affects a variety of elements, as you gain or lose Karma over the course of the game, people will behave differently toward you, it will unlock certain dialogue options or actions, open up certain areas of the wastelands, it can even affects which companions agree to join you in certain games.

It is classified by three types: good, neutral, and evil. Players always start a new game with 0 karma points (neutral).



In Fallout, karma is simply named 'general reputation' (but has the same function as karma in other Fallout games) and reputation titles appeared.

In Fallout 2, what was originally called 'general reputation' is renamed to karma, reputation titles are kept and a new stat called 'reputation' is added, acting as a measurement of how you are perceived in various places.

In Fallout Tactics, reputation titles and reputation are removed, only karma is kept. Also, a new specific stat called 'rank' is added, indicating your rank in the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel.

In Fallout 3, only karma appeared. Although it is measured in points, the player never gets to see a numerical karmic value, only the status and the title.

In Fallout: New Vegas, karma is kept (like Fallout 3, the player never gets to see a numerical karmic value) and reputation returned, and acting now as a measurement of how you are perceived by various factions and various towns.

Behind the scenes

  • The Defender Vault Boy image is a reference to the comic book superhero Batman.
  • The Shield of Hope Vault Boy image is a reference to the comic book superhero Captain America. Instead of having a star on the costume's chest, Vault Boy's sports a number 13, referencing Vault 13.
  • The Guardian of the Wastes Vault Boy image is a reference to the British Army's Foot Guards.
  • The Savior of the Damned Vault Boy image is a reference to Dudley Do-Right of the 1959 collective two animated cartoon series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.
  • The Demon Spawn Vault Boy image is a reference to the comic book superhero Spawn.

Karma titles

In Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout Tactics, your karma status is defined by a 'karma title', depending of your karma points and in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, also on your level.

For Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics, specific Vault Boy images were to appear to represent each karma title, but probably due to an oversight, they don't appear in-game and a specific image that includes all the karma titles is put in their place.

Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics

Neutral Karma

  • Wanderer (Warrior in Tactics), -249 to +249 karma points

Good karma

  • Defender, +250 karma points

  • Shield of Hope, +500 karma points

  • Guardian of the Wastes, +750 karma points

  • Savior of the Damned, +1000 karma points

Bad karma

  • Betrayer, -250 karma points

  • Sword of Despair, -500 karma points

  • Scourge of the Wastes, -750 karma points

  • Demon Spawn, -1000 karma points


What Does Karma Mean In Fallout 3

  • Fallout 3 Some of Three dog's news will be based on the player's karma.
  • Fallout 3 If the player's karma ever becomes good, they will be targeted by Talon Company mercs (even if their karma subsequently drops back to neutral or evil). Likewise, if the player's karma ever becomes evil, they will be targeted by Regulators, even if their karma later raises to neutral or good. A player that has been both good and evil (i.e. in order to recruit all followers) may sometimes find themselves attacked by both Talon Company mercs and Regulators at the same time (though they may attack each other first). Keeping a neutral karma level will result in neither Regulators nor Talon Company mercs bothering you.
  • Fallout 3Fallout: New Vegas Since you never gets to see your karmic value, you can use the console commandplayer.getav karma to get your current karma points.
  • Fallout: New Vegas When attempting to steal drained energy cells, casings, or any type of ammunition ingredients from non-player characters there is no risk of failure, karma loss and the non-player character will not react to the Courier even if detected when taking them. This could be due to the drained cells and casings having no monetary value, much the same way vendors will let you take casings for free from their shops.
  • Fallout: New Vegas Sneak attack kills of feral ghouls grants good karma while 'loud' kills grant none.
  • Fallout: New Vegas There is a house in Nelson on the West side of the barracks which has approximately 157 small books (in a bookshelf to the left of the bed), all of which will cause negative karma when taken. If stealing an item gives -5 karma points (needs confirmation), then the player has the potential to gain -785 karma points, thus allowing the player to be recognized as evil in an extremely short time.
  • Good characters can still be good with the cannibal perk since you only lose 1 karma point.
  • Fallout 3 For good Karma points, you can give purified water to the homeless beggars, of which there are three: One is at Rivet City near the catwalk; one is sitting up next to a tree not far from the entrance gate to Tenpenny Tower; and the other is up on a small hill right outside of Megaton.
  • Fallout 3 For good Karma points, you can donate money to Confessor Cromwell at the bomb in Megaton. One karma point per cap.
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This page lists all companions in Fallout 3.
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  • For companions in other Fallout games, please see 'Companion'.
  • For an overview of Fallout 3 content, please refer to 'Portal:Fallout 3'.
  • 1Permanent companions
  • 2Temporary companions

Permanent companions

All 8 Fallout 3 companions

There are 8 permanent companions available to the player in Fallout 3. Most have a Karma requirement that must be met if the player wishes to enlist that companion (listed here in parentheses).

Pictured, left to right:

  • Star Paladin Cross: Brotherhood Paladin (good)
  • Butch DeLoria: Tunnel Snake (neutral)
  • Clover: Paradise Falls slave (evil)
  • Sergeant RL-3: Mister Gutsy robot (neutral)
  • Jericho: Retired raider (evil)
  • Fawkes: Super mutant (good)
  • Dogmeat/Dogmeat's Pup: Dog (no karma requirement)
  • Charon: Ghoul bodyguard (no karma requirement)

If you ever tell a companion to wait, and do not remember where they were left, Travel to The Pitt. This will send your companion home. (Does not work with Point Lookout, unknown for other addons.)

The player can have up to two companions in their party which consists of Dogmeat plus any one other companion, barring certain companion exploits.


Unlike previous Fallout games, companions don't gain experience and notoriety independently but are scaled to the level of the player.

The player earns full XP if able to do the majority of the damage that kills the opponent (you get zero XP for a kill unless you manage to do at least 30% of the damage). A killing blow is not necessary to get XP but you will not be given XP if too little damage has been done.

Karma Fallout New Vegas


Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat

Companions come with their default weapons and armor and will use these, depending on what role you ask them to play (melee or ranged). They will also wear any weapons or armor they are given that is superior to their standard equipment. All human or ghoul non-player characters are capable of wearing power armor (i.e. all but Dogmeat, Fawkes & Sergeant RL-3). Armor and weapons worn by companions never degrade with use.

Companions have unlimited ammunition for their standard weapon (With the exception of Butch), but you'll have to supply them with the appropriate ammunition for any other non-default ranged weapon.

If a companion is given several weapons and the appropriate ammunition, they will generally choose a weapon based on the range of the projectile, then on either damage per round (DPR) or damage per second (DPS) but not by the in-game interface's DMG stat. For example, if you equip Star Paladin Cross with a flamer, she will first attack with her default laser pistol because her target is out of the flamer's range. She will move towards the target to get into the flamer's range and then switch to it. There are exceptions, however. For example, Charon will always use Protectron's Gaze (a unique laser pistol) over the laser rifle, despite its reduced range AND damage per round rating.

Some companions will use any weapon if you give it to them (provided they have appropriate ammunition for it). There are some exceptions however, for example companions cannot use the Gauss rifle rewarded upon completion of the Operation: Anchorage add-on, but can utilize the sim-only version obtainable through glitching or console.

Companions have significantly more health than other non-player characters.

Enemies are able to shoot your companions weapons out of his hand (except default weapon), so take care if you give him any unique weapon.

Companions are restored to full health at the end of combat, after all nearby enemies are dead. However, if you zone out during a fight and they follow while injured, or if they are injured outside of combat (e.g. a booby-trap), they do not heal (until after the next combat). They can also use stimpaks in their inventory in the middle of battle, if you gave some to them earlier. Dogmeat can't carry stimpaks, but you can speak to him in the middle of combat to heal him manually. You can check companions' health by viewing them in V.A.T.S. mode, or moving far enough from them to see their HP bar. Companions are not considered 'vital' non-player characters, so they will die if their health is fully depleted, there is no way of reviving them, unless using the 'resurrect' command via console targeted on their corpse.

See 355 related questions

Some companions will enter sneak mode when you enter sneak mode, and end it when you do. They may also randomly enter sneak mode during combat, presumably to avoid enemy fire or to gain better aiming.


CompanionKarma RequirementDefault ArmorDefault Ranged WeaponDefault Melee WeaponS.P.E.C.I.A.L.Tagged SkillsCarries
Butch DeLoriaNeutralTunnel Snake outfit10mm pistolButch's Toothpick5 5 4 5 5 5 5Small Guns, Unarmed, Science193.5
CharonNoneLeather armorCharon's ShotgunCombat knife6 7 5 3 3 6 5Small Guns, Explosives, Sneak183.5
CloverEvil (acquire), None (rehire)Dirty pre-War spring outfitSawed-off shotgunChinese officer's sword6 4 4 6 4 6 5Small Guns, Melee Weapons, Barter194.5
DogmeatNoneN/AN/ATeeth7 8 7 6 2 8 3N/AN/A
FawkesGoodRipped Vault 87 SuitGatling laserFawkes' super sledge9 3 8 5 3 5 5Big Guns, Melee Weapons, Energy Weapons229.5
JerichoEvilLeather armorChinese assault rifleNail board6 5 4 3 3 6 5Small Guns, Big Guns, Melee Weapons183.5
Sergeant RL-3NeutralN/APlasma rifle, flamerN/A5 6 5 5 5 5 5N/A197.5
Star Paladin CrossGoodPower armorLaser pistolSuper sledge7 7 6 4 3 4 4Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Small Guns168.5
  • Dogmeat and RL-3 are non-humanoid and thus cannot use armor, regular weapons or equipment in general. Fawkes is partial humanoid; he can use most items and weapons but not armor.
  • For a detailed list of the companions' equipment, see Fallout 3 companion equipment.
  • Carrying capacity will be, e.g., 50 pounds less if given power armor (45 for armor, 5 for helmet). Capacity is determined by: (Base of 150) + (10 * Strength) - (Weight of inherent gear) - (Weight of anything else, including replacement armor or weapons)

Firing permanent companions

In most cases, companions can be dismissed/fired, and can later be found and rehired. In most cases, when fired they always travel to a specific spot, usually not the same spot they were hired. In some cases, they can always be rehired by simply finding them and asking them to rejoin you. In some cases, there will be Karma or other requirements. For example:

  • Fawkes: If fired, Fawkes will travel to the Museum of History where he will wait for you just inside the front door. You can rehire him any time so long as your Karma is good. No charge or other requirements to rehire him.
  • Sgt. RL-3: If fired, will travel to the entrance to Canterbury Commons (at the traveling merchants' stop near the trees), where he can be rehired so long as your Karma is neutral. No charge to rehire him.
  • Star Paladin Cross: If fired, returns to The Citadel. Can be rehired any time, but only if Karma is Good.
  • Butch: If fired, returns to The Muddy Rudder in Rivet City. Can be rehired any time, but only if Karma is neutral.
  • Dogmeat: Isn't really 'fired,' he waits by Vault 101 as ordered.
  • Jericho: If fired, returns to Megaton, he is found inside Moriarty's saloon, unless you have blown up Megaton, then he just waits at the ruins. You must have evil Karma to re-hire him.
  • Charon: If fired, he will return to The Ninth Circle. He can be re-hired anytime regardless of karma.
  • Clover: If fired, she will return to Eulogy's Pad in Paradise Falls (even if the player has killed Eulogy Jones and abolished slavery by wiping out everyone in Paradise Falls). She can be rehired regardless of Karma.

Temporary companions

Temporary companions are companions that will join you during a quest. Most of them will follow you indefinitely until you complete their related quest, but not all. Unlike permanent companions, they do not heal automatically at the end of a battle but must be given stimpaks through reverse pickpocketing or healed through dialog (still requiring a stimpak from your inventory). Most of them can use weapons and armors. And because they are non-player character, they can use weapons forever with only one bullet. There are some hostile non-player characters which could become not hostile to player and Permanent Companions, but they still attack Temporary companions.(like Arkansas, protectrons in RobCo Facility). And traps of allies like Mines in Big Town still hostile to Temporary Companions. So you should take care of that non-player characters and traps first, then you can travel with Temporary Companions more safety.

  • Cherry (can become permanent so long as she is not taken to Rivet City, though she is unrecommended due to her low stats).
  • Doctor Li (only during The Waters of Life) and her companions (Garza, Daniel Agincourt, and Alex Dargon) (Note that only Li technically follows the Lone Wanderer; the other three simply follow her).
  • Red (can become permanent so long as she is not returned to Big Town).
  • Rory Maclaren (Because of a bug, he could be a Permanent companion)
  • Sarah Lyons (only during Take it Back!)
  • Shorty (can become permanent so long as he is not returned to Big Town).
  • Sticky (can become permanent so long as he is not returned to Big Town).

Of the listed temporary companions, only Red, Shorty, and Sticky have dialogue options which allow the player to give them weapons or other inventory items.

James is scripted as though he were a permanent companion; for example, he uses up ammunition on playable weapons, something only permanent companions do. However, his package is 'escort' instead of 'follow', so he can't be taken places like a normal companion can be.

Operation: Anchorage only

  • Sgt. Montgomery.
    • Strike Team Grenadier.
    • Strike Team Infantryman.
    • Strike Team missile Unit.
    • Strike Team Mister Gutsy.
    • Strike Team sentry bot.
    • Strike Team Sniper.

Fallout 3 - How Do I Efficiently Lower My Karma? - Arqade

Mothership Zeta only

  • Elliot Tercorien


  • To have your companion heal themselves, simply give them a few stimpaks. Companions only heal when they are behind cover. The only companion that will not use stimpaks is RL-3 as he repairs himself after combat. The player must apply stimpaks to Dogmeat since he's a dog and has no way of doing it himself.
  • Most companions will turn hostile if you have inflicted damage 4 times in a row, but if you wait a while the process will restart. Once turned hostile, you can talk to them for some last words (most of the time it will be their own last words) for example, Star Paladin Cross says 'I'm sorry it had to come to this friend'.
  • Companions cannot jump.
  • It is possible to obtain all 8 followers at the same time (you require Puppies! to get all 8). First of all you have to get Charon (preferably before being captured and taken to Raven Rock) and if you don't already have good karma get it before going into Vault 87. Once you get out of Raven Rock you will see Fawkes shooting at some Enclave, wait until they're all dead so you can then fast travel to the Museum of History to pick up Charon before Fawkes talks to you. Now that you have Charon, fast travel back to Raven Rock and Fawkes will join you despite you already having Charon as a companion. Next up is Star Paladin Cross. Fast travel to The Citadel, she can be usually found in the laboratory. Unfortunately you require Broken Steel to get her to join you after completing Take it Back!. Now drop your karma to neutral and fast travel to the RobCo Facility right next to Tenpenny Tower. Find Tinker Joe and fire Charon and quickly buy Sergeant RL-3 from him, then rehire Charon. To get Butch DeLoria you must have completed Trouble on the Homefront with any ending that leaves Vault 101 open. Once you have done that go to the Scrapyard and get Dogmeat. Kill Dogmeat and go get Butch from The Muddy Rudder in Rivet City. Butch will join you because killing Dogmeat opened up a companion space. Now drop your karma to bad and fast travel to Paradise Falls and find Eulogy Jones. Fire Charon then buy Clover off of Eulogy then rehire him. Get Dogmeat from outside of Vault 101 and kill him again. After killing Dogmeat go get Jericho in Megaton as a companion. Finally, go yet again to pick up Dogmeat from outside Vault 101. Now you have all 8 companions at once.
  • The Contract Killer (ear on corpse) perk and the Lawbringer (finger on corpse) perk are not in effect for your companions. When your companion kills a human enemy, there will not be an ear or finger on the corpse. However, when your companion fights super mutants, they do drop super mutant blood samples after completing the Broken Steel add-on.
  • Regardless of hiring Dogmeat as a companion anyway, at the end of Fallout 3's storyline (Excluding DLC) Dogmeat will still appear as the Wanderer's companion.
Companions in Fallout 3
Good karmaFawkes ·Star Paladin Cross
Neutral karmaButch DeLoria ·Sergeant RL-3
Evil karmaClover ·Jericho
Any karmaCharon ·Dogmeat

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