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  • Download Assistant for War Thunder and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Assistant for War Thunder is an extremely handy app for all War Thunder players. Using “Assistant for War Thunder” you may run tactical battle map from the game, check your aircraft’s control panel while in the heat of a battle.
  • Download the latest version of War Thunder for Windows. War Thunder is a massive multiplayer war game where you will take control of planes.

The project Epic Thunder - this is my attempt to create an atmosphere of the tank battle. And Im using my humble experience in sound design started to create sounds. Epic Thunder I was trying to bring sounds to the reality, and where there were no references - i used sense. Here you will not find. Download War Thunder CDK. From War Thunder Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Current Version 20 April 2020. Support of 3dsMax 2021 added; Usermade ObjectGroups are now visible and fully functional with example; Old versions 16 March 2020. Updated models and blk files.

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2 December 2020

  • Support for dagor 6 engine (2.01 version)

20 April 2020

  • Support of 3dsMax 2021 added
  • Usermade ObjectGroups are now visible and fully functional with example

16 March 2020

  • Updated models and blk files
  • Assets from new locations added
  • Compatibility with new version of file storage

17 January 2020

  • Updated models and blk files
  • Fixed alpha channel for track textures
  • Assets from new locations added

3 October 2019

  • Fixed assert with user assets in DaEditor

23 September 2019

  • New game version supported

25 June 2019

  • 3ds Max 2020 support added

14 June 2019

  • New game version supported

20 March 2019

  • Fixed bug with re-export of textures from CDK
  • All of the textures are now shown (some were previously hidden because of a bug)
  • Added composite files and other stuff from new locations
  • New game version supported

23 October 2018

  • Support for 1.83 texture compressing

19 September 2018

  • Support for helicopters, new ground vehicle models and new location technology has been added (index landclasses allows us to get even more details to landscape).
  • 3d Max 2019 support has been added.
  • FX display bug has been fixed, collision pack were returned
  • Assets composites (groups of objects) have been added (as well as new assets for new locations).
  • The ability to incorporate AI controlled rolling stock has been added. The first AI train (as a test) will be available in the location “American Desert”.

16 March 2018

  • DagorEd 5.0 support added

14 March 2018

  • Due to the release of update 1.77 and the reworking of the collision model with new terrain technology, all custom assets (included custom hangars) need to be optimized. You can wait until the authors have updated the content on War Thunder Live or just download the latest CDK version and reload (download and upload) assets/missions, hangars and other content.
  • The basic textures for some ground vehicles have been changed. In the config of the custom camouflage you will need to change the name of the texture according to the list or download the camouflage from LIVE once again.

26 May 2017

  • Rebuilt the previous version since the .exe file made on May 25th became corrupted

25 May 2017

  • Game version 1.69 support added
  • Some bug fixes

22 December 2016

  • Folders structure added
  • Intel HD support returned
  • Grass render in AssetViewer restored
  • Added visual display of collision
  • Fixed collision bug in user landclasses
  • Some crashes fixed

19 October 2016

  • Sample plane fixed

2 October 2016

  • Game version 1.63 support added
  • Some bug fixes and stability improvements

10 June 2016

  • Game version 1.59 support added
  • Automatic generation of location list for mission editor

12 May 2016

War Thunder Download Safe

  • Support of 3d studio Max 2017 was added
  • Locations export optimized

29 March 2016

  • Added support for new sky and clouds rendering system
  • DagorEd, MissionEd - Compass added for better orientation
  • New weather system implemented, plus added ability to override weather preset in Environment mode

15 March 2016

  • Game version 1.57.x.x support added

12 January 2016

  • DagorEd, MissionEd, AssetViewer - fixed crashes on AMD, plus some minor bugfixes

29 December 2015

  • DagorEd - fixed crash of detailed landclasses

28 December 2015

  • AssetViewer - export textures to dds fixed
  • DagorEd - detailed landclasses added

12 November 2015

  • Minimal requirements for central processor reduced
  • MissionEd - updated locations list

9 November 2015

  • MissionEd, DagorEd - bug with water fixed

6 November 2015

  • MissionEd, DagorEd - fog fixed

5 November 2015

War Thunder Download
  • Compatible with PBR and version 1.53
  • AssetViewer - performance increased

War Thunder Download Time

2 July 2015

War Thunder Download Torrent

  • MissionEd - avg_* locations fixed
  • MissionEd - fixed bug with wrong names of German tanks

30 June 2015

  • DagorEd - fixed some extra warnings, that slowed down level export
  • DagorEd - ortho screenshot fixed
  • DagorEd - lastclip fixed
  • MissionEd - detailed heightmap fixed
  • AssetViewer - render fixed, environment became more user-friendly

War Thunder Download Pc

21 May 2015

War Thunder Download Apk

  • DDS export fixed for damaged textures

14 May 2015

  • DDS export fixed (for Photoshop users)
  • CDK crashes on several videocards fixed

12 May 2015

War Thunder Downloader

  • The list of textures used for dynmodels added to assetviewer
  • Dynamic models view fixed in assetviewer and missioneditor

World Thunder

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