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In which we give our explanation for all the sequels. Although the creature has never been caught, the number of eyewitnesses claiming to see it allow for numerous theories to be built on what it is. The most popular theory holds that it’s a Basilosaurus Cetoides, but those prehistoric animals didn’t live in freshwater. One day a young girl was just being a kid. Then everything changed.

My OC'h story. A missing pony, who has a excellent like for chaos, discarded and betrayed fróm those she trusted. So getting found by the lord of Mayhem himself, Gemstone Dust realizes she is definitely not really the just one with a great love for chaos. Will she understand to manage her chaos ór will she drop into a like she never ever knew been around with a créature of chaos?

Castle Defense - creature rush takes place in a peacefully world but that peace has come to an end, someone unleashed the foul creatures on your kingdom my lord, your knights are ready for action. And make sure your kingdom will remain totally safe for your. Upon doing this Fenkenstrain unites these pieces into a human body and, using lightning, he brings the creature back to life. However the brain that was used is the one of Lord Rologarth, whom Fenkenstrain had killed years ago. Upon learning the history of the castle, the hero turns on Fenkenstrain by stealing the ring of charos from him. The Trope Namer is Castlevania, where it was explained that Dracula's Castle itself was a 'Creature of Chaos', constantly changing for different people. This also explained how NPCs got to areas it took the player special abilities to get to. Heck, that's how the castle changes every game.

Creature Caster is here for your wargaming, adventuring, and other tabletop hobby needs. Highest quality resin miniatures. Professional grade Acrylic Paints. Kolinsky Sable Brushes and more! Castle of Chaos. Pigeon Forge TN. 110 Showplace Blvd. Unit A Pigeon Forge, TN 37863 (865) 428-5228. This Week's Hours Tue 9am - 10pm Wed 9am - 10pm Thu 9am - 10pm Fri 9am - 10pm Sat 9am - 10pm Sun 9am - 10pm Mon 9am - 10pm X.

Not really even chaos can tell. Discord Times OC. Ranked: - English language - Love/Friendship - Princess Luna/Problem Moon, Discord, OC - Chapters: 10 - Words: 11,951 - Testimonials: - Favs: 11 - Follows: 9 - Up to date: 2/20/2015 - Released: 12/9/2014 - identification: 10881019.

The silhouette óf Castle BIeck in.Greater IocationInhabitants, (briefly)First appearanceCastle Bleck is usually the environment of in, and it can be discovered after getting into the Dark Door on. Situated in a world of darkness, it is certainly 's house. The castle is certainly separated into four major places, one for each Section section respectively: the Entrance, the Lobby, the Inside, and the Inner Sanctum. Castle Bleck is definitely one of the only two planets (the various other being ) to have at minimum one employer battle in each degree ( in 8-1, in 8-2, in 8-3, and and in 8-4). Castle Bleck's concept is definitely a cover up version of the ', Count number Bleck't, and the 's theme, blended with some 8-little bit sound results.

Regarding to, the music that plays while or are trying to get away Castle Bleck can be entitled 'In the Night'. And.After gathers the in the, discovers herself dropped within the castIe. With the assist of, she attempts to discover a method to get away. However, when she finds a lifeless end, grabs up to her, and can be about to place her under hypnósis when intervenes, invisible, and teleports Peach out of the castle.Later, after the Pure Coronary heart in can be found, also discovers himself within CastIe Bleck. With thé assist of a set of, he tries an get away simply like Peach. As soon as again, a lifeless end will be found (in certainty, this can be the starting of Part 8-2, where an exit isn't found), and Luigi is usually taken attentive and turned into by 'beds hypnotic capabilities.

And holding the ceiling.When Mario and his celebration finally gather all eight Pure Minds, they are finally capable to access Castle Bleck via opening the Black Door from. In Chapter 8-1, and encounter off against each other. When Bowser is, the ceiling begins to drop; however, O'Pieces holds it up bécause of his respect code. Bowser remains behind, even as the two keep informing one another to leave.

The ceiling presumably crushes them both.In 8-2, frequently tips the heroes before they finally confront her. She táunts Peach until thé queen demands a one-on-one fight with her. After Peach benefits, the flooring begins to fail owing to tremors. Peach manages to hold onto the floor, and actually helps prevent Mimi from dropping to her doom. She loses her grip, however, and they drop straight down. Mario in CastIe Bleck.In 8-3, the player encounters several rooms with mirrors as properly as countless Dimentio imitations.

When they finally achieve the end, Mario and Luigi end up going after after Dimentio through one area of the earlier seven planets. Once they capture up with him, Dimentio shows his plan against the Count number and indicates that they team up so that all óf them could manage the. Mario and Luigi, nevertheless, decline. Dimentio then plans to assault both of thém, but, when hé insults Luigi't mustache, Luigi decides to defeat him on his own.

When Dimentio is certainly defeated, nevertheless, he presumably ends the game of both himseIf and Luigi. Count Bleck battle.Mario, now on his personal, goes through the mazé of the final area of Castle Bleck. He ultimately reaches Count Bleck'beds chambers. After and Bleck claim, Bleck sends Nastasia aside and starts to battle Mario. At very first, Mario'h attacks have no impact; nevertheless, it is definitely then revealed that Bowser, Péach, and Luigi aIl made it, as they enter the chamber. The disable Count number Bleck's barrier, and, collectively, the four characters defeat him.Nástasia reappears, and Count Bleck shows the heroes to complete him off therefore that will vanish. However, Tippi is certainly hesitant to do so.

They had only just been recently reunited, and shé didn't desire them to be ripped aside so shortly. At that moment, a supposedly fatal boost of energy is sent toward Count Bleck, but Nastasia will take the strike rather.

Dimentio seems, saying that the Mayhem Center would not vanish if he carried on to manage it. It is usually revealed that, after Luigi experienced defeated him, Dimentio got selected and planted a mind-control seedling in his unconscious, and it plants sprouting up into a. Dimentio then sends Tippi and Count Bleck to, and proceeds with his programs. The Turmoil Heart, Dimentio, and Luigi blend, producing a freakish créature reminiscent of bóth and Dimentio, called. Mario, Bowser, and Peach are currently incapable to harm it.On the other hand in Aspect N, Tippi argués with Bleck thát they have to do something to help Mario.

Bleck, however, states that it'h a pointless endeavor. They swap a several more phrases before Mimi and O'Chunks appear, lending the count their support. The Pure Hearts, thought to have got been lost on Bleck, réappear, and Tippi requires them to Mario.

Super Dimentio is usually capable to become damaged right now, and the last showdown comménces. Luigi in CastIe Bleck.Mario, Péach, and Bowser prevail, and Super Dimentio will be defeated. Nevertheless, in inclusion to Luigi'h normal self, Dimentio leaves behind one fragmént of his strength, so that The Gap would still eliminate all worlds even in his absence.

Count number Bleck surmises that another collection of Pure Hearts and minds must become produced to eliminate the Commotion Center. Everyone will go through a final door, and they end up at the church where Peach and Bowser were pressured into marriage at the begin of the sport. Bleck and Tippi move up to it, and proclaim their like for each some other. In their expected final times, they are usually married, and the Chaos Heart can be ended. Chapters/Places LevelPreviewDescription( Chapter 8-1: The Impending Night)The entrance to the castle. This area starts the globe's craze of locating secrets to move forward.

Is definitely the employer and will be lost combating him.( Section 8-2: The Crash)An area that provides filled with blocks. She tips the participant throughout the level and will be battled as the employer. Is remaining behind.( Part 8-3: Countdown to Destruction)Besides keys, this area also utilizes doors that warp the player back again to the begin of the area until a specific task is certainly completed. Is usually the boss and is usually left right behind.( Section 8-4: Tippi and Count Bleck)The final level. Many of the degree is a maze that demands to get around. Is battled at the finish, with Bowser, Péach and Luigi réjoining the party. Dimentio after that betrays Bleck and is usually fought as the final boss,.

This area may become to learn and navigate comfortably. Please consider content material into sub-articIes, it, or adding. ( December 2015)In the video game Chaos, players take the role of who compete with one another to win the video game. The goal of the game is definitely to become the 'final wizard standing up' by eliminating all other wizards.

The sport enables for anything bétween two and éight wizards, any óf whom can be individual or personal computer managed. The degree of the computér-controlled wizárds must end up being selected, ranging from 1 to 8. Higher levels improve the personal computer wizards' fight data, but will not improve their. Computer-controlled wizards do not cooperate; they will try to kill each additional as properly as the human players.Each sorcerer is provided a random choice of spells at the begin of the sport with which to defeat the other wizards. Spells are either Lawful, Natural, or Chaotic, and have a trouble value portrayed as a percent possibility of achievement when cast. A spell can just be team once, with the éxception of the 'DisbeIieve' spell which is certainly always accessible to every wizard.

New spells can only be acquired via the 'Miracle Hardwood' mean. During the sport, the kind of spells team affects the following problems of some other spells. Spreading many lawful spells outcomes in a even more lawful environment, which in turn makes some other lawful spells much easier to team. The exact same principle implements to disorderly spells. Spells of the opposite alignment are not even more tough to team however. Neutral spells are usually untouched either way, and are always team at the same difficulty percentage.

This function provides a huge impact on the strategy of the video game, as a practical tactic is definitely to throw a lot of easy spells of a particular alignment, in order to create it less difficult to throw the more effective spells of that positioning.Spells drop into various classes and possess various runs. Creature spells summon a creature nearby to the sorcerer, which can after that be transferred in the motion stage. Some creatures are harder to forged than others, with the even more powerful creatures having a lower foundation percentage possibility to toss. Creatures have strike and protection ratings which control how effective they are usually, move ratings which control how numerous squares they can shift a switch, maneuver ratings which control how very easily a creature can crack off combat and miracle opposition for governing defense against magical assaults. Wizards furthermore possess these ratings, as properly as a miracle rating regulating how several spells they in the beginning have. Various spells make items on the panel. A participant may also receive spells that enhance his sorcerer, such as 'Miracle Sword' or 'Shadow Type', or spells that straight attack some other creatures, like as 'Magic Bolt' or 'Vengeance'.Each (individual) wizard will take it in change to look at the table (if preferred), examine their spells and choose one to toss on the next convert (selecting a mean is not mandatory).

Typically, the some other human players look aside during a mean option to prevent an unfair benefit. As soon as all participants have selected their mean, they attempt to throw them in purchase. Whereas the individual players select their spells before each convert begins, the personal computer wizards actually select their spells during the play phase of each switch. This can be not documented, although it gets to be apparent in play, as the pc wizards usually toss spells that would have needed foreknowledge of the other participants' actions. As soon as all spells possess been cast, living through wizards take it in changes to shift themselves and any creatures under their handle (unless they are usually 'engaged' in combat), and strike other wizards/creatures.Other creatures or wizards are attacked by either relocating into them, or flying onto them.

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Moving or traveling by air following to an foe creature immediately 'engages' them, and allows for an instant attack. If an attack is productive the foe creature goes away/dies and the targeting creature goes onto its pillow. Soaring onto a creature enables an strike, but the hovering creature remains in location unless it succeeds in killing its focus on, in which case it takes its place as over. Success depends on the áttacking creature's fight rating against the defending creature't defense rating and a particular amount of randomness. Some creatures have ranged fight, allowing them to assault other animals from afar, therefore very long as there is a apparent range of view. As soon as all wizards have used it in switch to proceed and fight, the switch sequence starts more than from the starting. For individual participants, no actions are compulsory, they may just skip out on any activities they perform not desire to take.

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Computer-controlled wizards will continually proceed, unless in a Miracle Wood, Castle or Citadel, actually when it is certainly not in their greatest curiosity to do so. Furthermore all computer-controlled animals always try to move each convert. If a wizard is damaged, all his creations immediately disappear too.Growth Chaos has been created entirely by, centered on his 1982 style for a traditional card sport, itself inspired by the early board sport Warlock. He has been an avid card sport developer and saw computer systems as a method of hiding game rules too complicated for pen-and-paper scenarios. Hence the plank used in the cards game grew to become the tiled map in the video game. Wedding reception awarded Chaos 8 out of 10, praising neatness of demonstration, efficient sound effects, satisfying sprites and concluding that it had been a very great multiplayer technique sport.

Criticisms included the sparseness of the initial playing region, lack of position report for the wizards and details on how much damage had been being worked. The reviewer also felt now there could possess become a wider variety of missile assault spells. Rated Mayhem 4 out of 5 stars, calling it 'fast-moving and vibrant' with simple, functional graphics. It has been noticed to be complex sufficiently to charm to participants of both. Honored it 7 out of 10, getting particular enjoyment in the spells 'Magic Fire' and 'Gooey BIob' but criticised thé poor high quality of the education booklet. Legacy In the last problem of in 1993, Damage was detailed at 5th location of the Your Sinclair Readers' Best 100 Games Of All Period.


In 2006, outlined Chaos at position 44 of the top 100 video games of all time. This produced it the 2nd highest ranked Spectrum sport, behind.One of 'beds early video games has been Cyber Wars - á browser-based online multiplayer clone of Turmoil that changed the fantasy theme of the game for á sci-fi oné; it was component of the Castle Video games Domains online reception.

Developers of indie Computer strategy video game cite Mayhem as an influence during its early development. Commotion has also become the subject of several like as Commotion Funk: Gollop frequently receives demands from individuals hoping to create remakes.In March 2014, Gollop began raising funds for on. The project, explained as 'component sequel, part re-imagining of the first video game' exceeded its focus on within a 30 days, raising $210,854 out of its $180,000 goal, and was released in October 2015.References.

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describing the inner construction of Turmoil and identifying the missing spells., detailed analysis of Commotion and conversation of Turmoil Reborn.


A new kind of Chaos

The Beginning

Diamond Dust trudged though the fresh powder snow with her head down, letting her muzzle into the snow. She let out a sigh and sat down in the snow. Although she was now technically an alicorn, she still felt the freezing cold wind go through her mane. It sent new chills up her spine. She looked up into the night sky, and watching the northern stars, she saw a blue alicorn raise into the sky to finish raising the moon.

Diamond's story was a long one, one she didn't like to tell again and again. She always summed her story up as her talent being manipulation. She became a student of Princess Celestia after she decided to leave Cloudsdale. It didn't take her long to realize that others thought of her a weird. Diamond may have caused a few problems between the other ponies, or it may have been the time she messed with a machine at the weather factory.

After she manipulated her parents into buying her a diamond, she earned her cutie mark, a diamond breaking in half. After she realized her true calling, she left Cloudsdale, now realizing that her true talent did not have anything to do with weather. She wanted to look for a city that would accept her talent of manipulation. What better city then the Capitol of Equestria?

Unfortunate, after a few failed scams, she was discarded by her partners and left on the streets. She was found by the Princess, on the outskirts of Canterlot. Celestia told her that she could help the Princess in a verity of ways. Celestia took Diamond as one of her students at the school for gifted unicorns. Diamond never fit in with the other ponies at the school, since she was the only Pegasus pony among all the unicorns. Celestia always assured Diamond that it was necessary for Diamond to take her classes, aside from magic classes since she didn't need to learn magic.

Celestia saw great potential in Diamond and decided she was ready for a change. Celestia gave Diamond magical potential, by giving her a horn to use for magic. Celestia's worst nightmares came true that day.

After Diamond was given such magic, something inside her snapped. She rose out of her normal behaviour and became a pony bent on bring destruction. She destroyed parts of the Canterlot Castle, and destroyed many artifacts that were of great importance to Celestia. The white alicorn rose against her favoured student and removed her from Canterlot. Since then, Diamond had always wandered Equestria for a new home. She missed Canterlot, she missed Celestia, and mostly, she missed spending time with Luna.

Diamond continued to trudge through the snow, trying to get the snowflakes out of her purple and sky blue mane. She didn't mind the snowflakes that stuck to her snow white coat. The cold wind blew through her wavy mane, causing new snowflakes to get caught in her curls. Diamond huffed, 'What have I done to deserve this? I can't help it if I love to create chaos! If they could only understand...' Diamond finished, as she started to cry. Her tears turned into ice crystals before they hit the ground.

'What is wrong, my dear?' said a strange voice.


Diamond looked up to see a creature she had never seen before. A strange creature that seemed to be made up of all kinds of creatures. Aside from the different parts of him, she thought he looked kind of cute. In a way. 'Um, who are you?' Diamond asked the strange creature.

'Why, I go by many names.' said the creature. 'But I prefer if you would call me Discord.'

'Discord.' Diamond said, trying the name out on her tongue. The name sounded like he looked. His name suited him.

'Yes, and what is your name?' asked Discord.

'Oh, it's Diamond Dust.' said Diamond.

'Hmm, Diamond Dust. I think I'll call you Diamond.' said Discord.

'Okay. I have another question for you. Why are you here?' Diamond asked.

'Why, I sensed there was another disharmonious spirit in Equestria. So I decided to come see who it is. It looks like that disharmonious spirit is you. Is this true.' asked Discord, now having a sad frown on his face.

Diamond wanted to lie and say she was perfectly happy, but she looked at herself. She was sitting in the snow. How much sadder could she get? 'Yeah, it's me.' Diamond said, still looking away from Discord. She was surprised to feel a soft paw lift her face up.

'Why are you so sad?' asked Discord, looking into her purple eyes for the first time. Diamond began to blush a bright red that burst across her face. Diamond always felt uncomfortable around stallions, even if this one was not technically a pony. Discord was still a male creature.

'You see...' Diamond started, turning away from Discord. 'All I can do for others is cause chaos. The only thing I can do is manipulate other ponies. No pony wants me around.' Diamond finished, now having tears in her eyes. As she blinked, the tears trickled down her cheeks and created ice crystals on her face. Discord used his paw to wipe away her liquid and solid tears from her face.

'I want you around.' Discord said. He realized his mistake in words, as Diamond turned to him with her blush even brighter. 'I mean, I don't think you are so bad. You see, you're not the only one that causes chaos. You see, I am Discord. The lord of Chaos.'

Diamond finally remembered that name. She recalled Celestia teaching her about the praise of disharmony. Celestia always taught her to never say discord. No wonder Diamond loved to say his name. 'Oh, I'm so sorry. I should have known that you were a lord.' Diamond said, now taking a bow in front of the draconaquus.

'No, you don't have to do that.' said Discord, using his tail to lift her back onto her hooves. 'You see, I gave myself that title when I took over Equestria. I thought that it would help to keep ponies away from me. But that obviously didn't stop the princesses.' Discord said.

'Princess? You mean Celestia and Luna?' asked Diamond.

'Yes, so you do know them. So I guess you know their history too right?' said Discord.

'Um, yeah.' said Diamond.

'But aren't you a princess to, right?' asked Discord.

'Well, actually that's a long story.' said Diamond.

'Well, maybe we should get out of the cold now. Why don't you stay with me at my house?' said Discord.

Diamond was confused. She had just meet this guy, and now he wanted her to stay at his house. Though it was a bit strange for her, she had not had a good night sleep in a long time. She nodded her head to say yes to him.

'Splendid!' Discord said, picking up Diamond and holding on to her with is lion arm, while he snapped his eagle talons and teleported himself and Diamond.

When Diamond opened her eyes, she saw herself in front of a strange, multi coloured castle in the mountains. 'So...' Discord spoke up. 'You like how I decorated my house.'

'Yeah, I love it.' said Diamond, gazing at the castle. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. Something inside of her seemed to snap, like before. She quickly shoke her head to snap herself out of it. Discord began to lead her inside. He snapped his talons again to open the doors vertically. 'How chaotic!' Diamond thought to herself.

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Diamond looked at the inside interior. There were leather chairs of all sizes, a six story glass table, a vertical fireplace burning purple flames, and many portraits of Discord. One portrait caught Diamond's eye, one with Discord looking heroic and him having one foot standing on a small rock, holding up the Equestrian flag. This picture made Diamond giggle to herself.

'Well, I think I'll put your room here.' Discord said, snapping his lion paw and creating a purple door with blue sparkles along the hallway wall. He then snapped his eagle talons and moved a door from down the hallway right next to the purple door. 'If you need anything, my room is right here.' Discord said, as he walked over to the plain door and opened it. He turned to see Diamond one more time, then smiled and turned away. 'I will see you in the morning, my dear.' He said as he slipped in the room and closed the door behind him.

Diamond headed to the purple door and used her magic to open the door. She watched the doorknob glow purple and move to have the door open. As she walked into the room, she noticed that the bed was connected to the wall and scaled up the wall too. At least it was upright. She opened her elegant looking wings to fly up to the bed. She used her magic to lift the blanket, and set herself on the bed, releasing her magic to have the blanket fall onto her cold body.

This was no doubt, the softest, comfiest bed she had ever laid in. Both the mattress and the blanket were warming her up quite quickly. The pill was not too soft, but it was not too hard either. She opened her eyes to find her room was a light mint green on two walls and lavender on the other two walls. All the furniture was either on the roof, or scaling the walls like her bed.

Personally, she didn't mind this furniture arrangement. She could fly to the walls and use gravity spells on herself to get to the furniture on the ceiling. She loved how the whole room was full of chaotic arrangements. This pulled the feeling she felt before to grow even stronger in her. 'What is this feeling' Diamond asked herself. 'Could this be...' She soon fell asleep after her night of strange encounters.

Discord peeked in her room and whispered something to her. 'Yes, Diamond. Maybe this is Chaos.' He finished as he quietly shut her door.