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Super Seducer-SKIDROW


Learn state-of-the-art seduction secrets from the master himself, Richard La Ruina, in this incredibly valuable live action seduction simulator.


Ready to take your skills with women to the next level?

Super Seducer is the world’s most realistic seduction simulator. It puts you in everyday scenarios (a coffee shop, the office, a bar) and lets you do practically whatever you want, to see how it plays out with beautiful women.

As you make your moves, renowned seduction guru Richard La Ruina (featured in Maxim, Men’s Health, The BBC, Piers Morgan) provides you with feedback for every choice you make, delving into the psychology and the hundreds of hidden secrets that separate seduction masters from everybody else.

Here’s the bottom line: if you make the right choices in the game, you’ll make the right choices in your life.

So, if you’ve ever run out of things to say, get stuck in the friend zone, or don’t know when to make your move – then this game will transform your love life forever.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or what you look like – by the time you’re finished playing Super Seducer you’ll be able to attract and keep women who previously seemed unattainable.

Key Features:

Chick Magnet – Charm your way to getting those sweet digits like a pro by using tried and true attraction “hacks”.

Seduction School – Discover state-of-the-art seduction secrets from the master himself, Richard La Ruina, Europe’s top dating guru and best-selling author of “The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract The Women You Want.”

Choose Your Own Adventure – Super Seducer contains eleven hours of live-action footage, 520 choices and multiple endings for players to test out their skills. If you’ve ever had a crazy thought while talking to a woman, there’s a good chance it’s included in this game, and you’ll get to see how it plays out.

Eliminate Rejection – Players that make the wrong moves face a variety of awkward outcomes that range from mere rejection to a thoroughly deserved slap in the face…so that in the real world you’ll be left with only the moves that work.

Title: Super Seducer : How to Talk to Girls
Genre: Sexual Content, Adventure, Casual, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: “RLR Training Inc”
Publisher: “RLR Training Inc”
Release Date: 6 Mar, 2018

Release Name : Super Seducer-SKIDROW
Size : 9 GB














Super Seducer : How To Talk To Girls Download Free Download


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  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: 64 bit Processor with at least SSE4.2 instructions.
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Storage: 11087 MB available space
Super Seducer-SKIDROW
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Super Seduce: How to Talk to Girls PC Game + Torrent Free Download

Super Seduce: How to Talk to Girls PC Game + Torrent Free Download

The recreation Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls PC Game How to Talk to Girls can be attributed to the style of interactive cinema. However, computer portraits in Super Seduce are now not used. Instead, the player has proven pre-recorded videos with actors (the key persona used to be performed by using La Ruin himself). There are various «tasks» with particular situations, at some point in which you want to find a method to the woman (or even several), get acquainted with her, and agree on a date.


The sport gives men (I presume men, as there’s no mention of queer female in any info about the game) room to fail, as well. Some of the trailer footage suggests girls reacting to the man in horror, calling him disgusting, or just plain tuning him out, so I bet they’re making some noises in the direction of realism. One sharp-tongued blonde put him in a judo hold and threatened to tear his arm off, which warmed my coronary heart proper up.

I don’t choose to flatly brush aside a recreation that would possibly be attempting to supply a sweet message about consent and love. However, the scenarios it envisions aren’t made up of matters actual humans would say or do (arm-tearing being the obvious exception). To quote Mark Twain, “it has no lifelikeness, no thrill, no stir, no seeming of reality,” so it isn’t going to assist the evil human beings who are going to attempt and carry the techniques here into the actual world.

About Of Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls Free Download:

It sounds a lot like a relationship sim, and in some ways, it is. But La Ruina’s interstitials deliver the genuine rationale of each conversation. A scene in which Richard is striking out with an old friend he’s into points La Ruina encouraging the player to choose the new, coy options. You don’t prefer this girl who you may additionally have a hazard to sleep with to suppose you’re desperate, after all. If you comply with his lead, you’ll reduce lower back to La Ruina in his hosting position: the facet of a lodge bed flanked using two women in lingerie.

The first time that pops up, it’s laughable. But then those blank-stared females keep on appearing, lying on the mattress like lazy cats. When at least every set of speak picks includes something like whipping out your dick, it turns into apparent that intercourse is on the brain. La Ruina, at least discourages his in-scene avatar from doing that, or asking a girl domestic too early — however, the operative phrase there stays “too early.” That’s made all the extra clear when you respond the wrong way and cut again to La Ruina, now alone in his lodge room.

Summary of Super Seduce: How to Talk to Girls Free Download:

That’s why so an awful lot of this feels disingenuous. I by no means felt like this recreation was teaching me how to pick up women, however, alternatively showing me how to pick out up girls if I someway morphed into Richard La Ruina. It’s brilliant in real lifestyles to see an assured man stroll up to an atypical woman and get her telephone number. Learning how to select up ladies from recreation is like learning how to discern skate from a YouTube clip: you may assume you are aware of what you are doing. However, possibilities are when you honestly get out on the ice; all that “knowledge” might not be worth a damn.

How To Install & Download?

1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. Unzip the archive to the hard disk.
3. Wait for the unpacking process to finish.
4. Start the game.

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