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How do you cheat in StarCraft? That is a question most StarCraft gamers have asked themselves a good number of times. And, considering you’re here, you are probably just as curious to find out ways to better your gaming prowess.

  1. Starcraft Brood War patch for Mac. Free Blizzard Entertainment Mac Version 1.11b Full Specs. Average User Rating: 2 User Votes 1.5. Download Now Secure Download.
  2. The fact that Starcraft has been game of the year sums up just how good this game is, so crank it up if you are not already playing it! Add file Report StarCraft: Brood War v1.16.1 Patch Location.
  3. 0.9 'StarCraft: Brood War' required! You play as Confederate Sgt. Corman Grimes of Marine Battalion Alpha. Your battlecruiser, the CSS Wendigo, has been made to crash land on Mar Sara, in the middle of a vast Zerg Hive Cluster. Now you and your men are looking to survive the Zerg attacks and ultimately drive them back from the area.

Starcraft: Broodwar is an expansion pack released in 1998. Aug 02, 2018 StarCraft 2 Torrent Wings of Liberty Game Free. StarCraft 2 Torrent is a military science fiction real-time strategy game that is officially published and developed by Bizzard Entertainment. It was earlier released in July 2010 for Mac Operating system X and Microsoft Windows.

Starcraft Brood War Iso

Well, worry not, we’ve got some amazing StarCraft cheat codes for PC, Mac and Multiplayer, and we are more than willing to share them with you. For those who were familiar with the original codes, you would be happy to learn that they work pretty well in the remastered version. Therefore, this will be nothing more than a refresher.

How to enter StarCraft cheat codes

  • Press “enter” while playing the game.
  • A dialog box will open.
  • Enter the desired cheat code.
  • You will be notified if the cheat code works.
  • There are cheat codes that can be entered several times. However, you should know that repetitive cheat codes might toggle the cheat.

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StarCraft codes for PC and Mac

  • Game over man: You lose instantly
  • Show me the money: You gain 10,000 minerals(crystal) and 10,000 vespine gas. This cheat is repeatable.
  • There is no cow level: Your current mission will be completed instantly
  • Ophelia: Enables mission select.
  • Breathe deep: You gain 500 units of vaspense gas
  • Operation Cwal: Increases construction pace
  • Food for thought: No limitations to food supply
  • Radio free zag: Reveals hidden zerg songs. However, this should be classified among StarCraft brood war cheats since you must be on the brood war expansion and should be playing as zerg.
  • Medieval man: All research abilities will be enabled.
  • Noglues: The enemies cannot use psionic storm when you activate this cheat.
  • Whats mine is mine: Gain 500 units of crystals
  • Something for nothing: You get free upgrades. Does not include ability upgrades and it can be repeated up to three times for a full upgrade.
  • Power overwhelming: It unleashes Invincible units
  • Black sheep wall: If you want to view the entire map
  • The gathering: Unit spells and abilities are unlimited
  • Staying alive: You continue playing even after winning
  • Modify the phase variance: All buildings are unlocked. You can build whatever you like.
  • War aint what it used to be: Fog of war will be disabled
  • Protoss# (Replace # with the number of the mission and add “X” before the race name if it’s in brood war expansion i.e xprotoss): Protoss level will be skipped
  • Zerg# (Replace the # with the number of the mission and enter “X” if it’s in brood war expansion i.e xzerg): Zerg level will be skipped
  • Terran# (Replace the # with the number of the mission and enter “X” before the race name if it’s in brood war expansion i.e xterran): Terran level will be skipped

Starcraft Brood War Map Downloads

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Starcraft Brood War For Mac Torrent

Starcraft Brood War Torrent

There is little to no difference in how you activate the codes on your PC and Mac. Whether you’re playing the original, or destroying opponents using StarCraft remastered cheats. Enjoy the game and share some of your findings.