1. In a city filled with superheroes, getting to crimes becomes a competition on its own. Fortunately there are enough rockets, bombs, grappling hooks, spikes, and other goodies lying around - to make the competition fun and fast. Welcome to SpeedRunners. SpeedRunners is a 4 player competitive platformer with grappling hooks, power-ups, and interactive environments.
  2. SpeedRunners is a platform game that you can play with up to four of your friends. As it's name implies, the game is centered around running, but you get to do a lot more than just make a mad dash for the finish line.

About SpeedRunners

Developed by DoubleDutch Games and tinyBuild, SpeedRunners is a multiplayer racing video game, available for the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 operating systems. This video game is about a group of superheroes who are all trying to be the first one on the scene of a crime. Sprint across a variety of cityscapes and win the race while competing against others! There are lots of ways that players take the lead and beat other competitors, as a variety of traps among other things.

Keeping up with the player in front is the only way to stay on the screen. The race focuses on the first player. Anybody that falls behind will get left behind! Getting blown up or kicked off the screen also means players are out of the race for the round. Get ready for wild and fast-paced races that are unpredictable and full of fun!

SpeedRunners Features

While the main focus of this game is multiplayer, there are tons of other game modes available. There is a campaign that users learn the background of their beloved city. Additionally, a bot mode lets players practice their skills offline against a variety of different difficulties. Offline and online co-operative modes are both available. It's even possible to use them simultaneously. Have two players at home while playing online with two friends!

However, these races aren't all about skills. There are countless weapons players wield against each other! Use a grappling hook to swing between crumbling buildings, but also shoot it at other players and slow them down. Plant mines, shoot missiles, and countless other items. Keep up with the always moving screen at all times, though, or fall off and lose the race. If the dozen pre-made maps aren't enough for players, there's even a map-building tool. It allows users to create their own cityscapes, and play on them alone or publish them online. Build a truly crazy race track and then challenge friends!

In Summary

Kongregate free online game SpeedRunner - Use your grappling hook, walljumping, doublejumping and other freerunning abilities to speedru. Play SpeedRunner.

SpeedRunners is a racing video game with a unique twist on it. Players take on the mantle of superheroes, and speed towards the scene of a crime! Compete against other superheroes, tripping them up using a variety of methods like traps and grappling hook shots. Keep up with first place! Otherwise, risk getting forced off the screen and therefore out of the race. Compete on custom tracks or any of the pre-designed ones. Play online, offline, alone with bots, or together with friends. Customize a hero and choose a racing style that fits. Drop mines while leaving the competition in the dust, or grapple on shaky buildings to bring them tumbling down on other players. There are countless ways to enjoy this quirky racing game across lots of different platforms!

LiveSplit is a timer program for speedrunners that is both easy to use and full of features.


Speedrun.com Integration:Speedrun.com is fully integrated into LiveSplit.You can browse their leaderboards, download splits, and even submit your own runs directly from LiveSplit.You can also show the World Records for the games you run with the World Record Component.

Accurate Timing: LiveSplit automatically synchronizes with an atomic clock over the Internet to estimate inaccuracies of the local timer in the PC.LiveSplit’s timer automatically adjusts the local timer to fix those inaccuracies.

Game Time and Auto Splitting: LiveSplit will automatically detect if Game Time and/or Auto Splitting is available for a game and let you activate it in the Splits Editor.Game Time is automatically read directly from an emulator or PC game, and you can use it by switching to Game Time under Compare Against.

Video Component: With the Video Component, you can play a video from a local file alongside your run.The video will start when you start your run and stop whenever you reset.You can also specify at what point the video should start at.

Racing: In LiveSplit, you are able to start and join races on SpeedRunsLive or racetime.gg within LiveSplit itself.The timer automatically starts when the race begins and automatically writes .done whenever you complete the race.Also, you are able to compare your current run with the other runners during the race, as long as they use LiveSplit as well.

Comparisons: In LiveSplit, you are able to dynamically switch between multiple comparisons, even mid-run.You can either compare your run to comparisons that you define yourself or compare it to multiple automatically generated comparisons, like your Sum of Best Segments or your average run.While racing on SpeedRunsLive, comparisons for the other runners are automatically generated as well.

Layout System: Users can modify every part of LiveSplit’s appearance using Layouts.Every user has the ability to add or remove parts along with being able to rearrange and customize each part of LiveSplit.You can even use your own background images.

Dynamic Resizing: LiveSplit can be resized to any size so that it looks good on stream.As LiveSplit’s size is changed, all of its parts are automatically scaled up in order to preserve its appearance.


Speedrunners Free Online

Sharing Runs: Any run can be shared to websites such as Speedrun.com and Twitter.Splits can also be distributed using Splits i/o and imported from a URL.You can also share a screenshot of your splits to Imgur or save it as a file.Your Twitch title can be updated as well based on the game you are playing.

Speedrunners From Hell

Component Development: Anyone can develop their own components that can easily be shared and used with LiveSplit.Additional downloadable components can be found in the Components Section.