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Today we will discuss “How to download and use Snapchat on Mac”. Officially Snapchat is not available for Mac, However, we can download and use it on Mac by applying different methods mentioned in this article. Snapchat is an app that is one of the rulers of the Social Media Platforms. Every day, a huge number of snaps are sent around the world. Lets we tell you one secret about Snapchat, that we can make streaks with at least 20 different people with the help of Snapchat.

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Nowadays people are being so addicted to the Snapchatapp, so every person wants to use Snapchat on their Mac. Sometimes you want to send a snap over from your MacBook instead of your phone, but you don’t know how can you do that? However you don’t need to worry about that, Here we will discuss all possible methods that will assist you in “How To Use Snapchat On Your Mac”.

How You Can Use Snapchat on Your Mac?


  • 2 “With or without the use of Emulators”

Snapchat is not available on the App Store and you cannot use it directly, but it can be used on Mac by the help of two methods:

With or without the use of Emulators”

Normally, Emulators are most famous among users because users are more comfortable with Emulators as they are simple and easy to use, and serve all the functionality that you want. There is another method Use Snapchat without emulators but it involves a third party application.

Here we will discuss both these methods in detail, Lets we start:

Snapchat Use On Mac By Using Emulators:

  1. Nox Android Emulator

Snapchat For Mac App

Another great Android emulator that can be used to run Snapchat for Mac is Nox. Nox’s simple functionality makes it just as good as Bluestacks to use as an emulator. It is regarded as one of the smoothest emulators out there, so you might want to get your hands on it. Let’s look at how to use it.

  • First off, get Nox from over here
  • Once it is downloaded, as before, run it, agree to the terms and conditions and continue.
  • Drag the Nox icon in the Applications folder. On-screen prompts will be present to help you install the application.
  • Click Open, and Nox will start up.
  • On opening, if you receive a message saying ‘Your VirtualBox version may not support Nox App Player’, follow the steps below.
  • Exit Nox. Now go to
  • Click on Download
  • Now, click on OS X hosts
  • Once the downloads finished, click to open
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to install VirtualBox on Mac
  • Once VirtualBox is installed properly, open Nox again. This time, it will not display the error
  • Now that Noxis launched, click on Play Store, search for the Snapchat app and install it, just like we did for
Snapchat For Mac App

Now you can use Snapchat app, login and send snaps just as you do in your mobile devices, using the android emulator Nox.

In this way, you can other such emulators, including Andy Player, to run Android on your device and use Snapchat on Mac.


Bluestacks is by far the most popular Android emulator that exists for both Mac and Windows. Basically, you can use Bluestacks to run Android apps and games on your computer. It supports the latest Android versions and does not lag or consume too much memory. Although the emulator’s primary focus was playing games, we will be using it to run the Snapchat app on our Mac.

  • The first step will be installing Blue Jackson our Get the installer from the Bluestacks website here.
  • Once you download that, run it and install the application by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Once it is installed, run and open Bluestacks. Set up the Android device.
  • You will also be required to sign in to your Google Account. Sign in or create a Google Account if you don’t have one.
  • Now all you need to do is open Play Store and search for the Snapchat App.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you will be able to find it in your list of applications in the Android emulator.

In this way, you can run Snapchat on Mac using Bluestacks, sign in just as you normally would. Enjoy.

Download Snapchat On Mac Free

Snapchat On Macbook without Using Emulators:

Download Snapchat Free App

If you are not using an Emulator to run Snapchat on Mac, your options get very limited. But among those, there is a very smooth and useful one, that still involves a third party application called Snappy. Let’s see how we can use it to use Snapchat on Mac.

  • As this is a third-party application, you will need to download it from here.
  • Just as described previously, you will need to install the application on your Mac using the easy on-screen instructions provided
  • Once the application is installed, run it
  • Login into your Snapchat account and start using Snappy!
Snapchat For Mac App

That’s it! It’s as simple as that. You can thus use Snappy to send and receive snaps from your Macbook.

NOTE: Some users report problems with Snappy to which there hasn’t been any fix available. Go check out Snappy to see if it suits you.


Now we hope that by reading this article you are able to use Snapchat on your Mac conveniently. Here We would advise you to use emulators as they don’t have the licensing and other problems that third-party applications like Snappy do and most important factor of these Emulators is that these are so convenient to use. An Emulator is always desirable. Applications like Snappy tend to run out their lives within a year, and Snappy does not work or poses problems for certain users, so it is always better to have something as reliable as a good emulator. So use Emulators for easy use of Snapchat on your Mac.

If you have any further queries related to this article or any of the Emulators, we mentioned above, feel free to ask from us in a comment in below section and we will try to satisfy you with a relevant answer as soon as possible.

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