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SimCasinoDec 5
Stream reminder: We'll be live in one hour to show off SimCasino and answer your questions!…
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  • Modern Casino Tycoon Simulation in full 3D glory. Build the casino. Expand into a luxury hotel/casino or go cheap & extract max profits. Keep the vault secure at all times, and beware of criminals & cheaters!!
  • 172-4b52-9276-40dd1858b0a7 save file It seems that, after setting the vault cash to 100k (10 bags), the casino seems to periodically just ship out all the money and then have cash delivered back? Problem is I can't be sure because i only noticed it after loading a save.

All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. SimCasino General Discussions Topic Details. 12 hours ago Theater So I got the theatre up and running, but nobody is buying tickets?. SimCasino is in its earliest state right now, meaning that there’s not much actual meat on its bones. There’s no campaign or mission structure here – just a sandbox you can play around in, starting.

SimCasinoDec 3
Replying to @FancyPButter
We're aware of this issue and a patch will come out soon to get it fixed. Please stand by for the update, if you still see any issue afterwards be sure to upload your save using the integrated uploader and post the ID with a short description of the issue on the Steam forums :)
SimCasinoDec 2
Next Stream, SimCasino Translations and a patch at once! For all info check out the Steam News Post!…
SimCasinoNov 28
Replying to @SimCasino
We hoped to still get the stream going but we'll have to call it for tonight due to Personal Reasons. We hope to see you next time and will let you know as soon as we have a date+time! Again, sorry for any inconvenience.- Joscha
SimCasinoNov 28
Stream reminder: We'll be live in about an hour to answer your questions and play some SimCasino!…
SimCasinoNov 24
Replying to @dropmysdime
For most issues go ahead and use the integrated bug reporter and post a short description + the reference ID on Steam (we have a sub-forum for Bug Reports), that's the easiest way for us.- Joscha
SimCasinoNov 23
The first patch -- out now on Steam! The first of many more to come. =)…
SimCasinoNov 22
Replying to @[email protected]
Nov 22
Tell them there's an emergency -- thieves in the vault & cheaters at the table games -- that has to work, right!? =D
SimCasinoNov 22
#SimCasino Early Access - Available on Steam Now!…
SimCasinoNov 22
C'mon up & join the Player's Club or check-in to the hotel. That's right, YOU can check-in right now! Yep!! You can play #SimCasino now!!…
SimCasinoNov 22
Replying to @TipsyPickle
We've got that *real good* elevator music, that's for sure!
SimCasinoNov 22
Elevators in this fancy luxury hotel. Going up?
SimCasinoNov 22
Replying to @beccab7877
Even money on the former. We'd take the under on the latter.
SimCasinoNov 22
Replying to @BatteryH
It's a pretty big block -- I'm still building, so far I've got a nice patio & a Vikings bar going. It's almost game time!! Even the big sign says so!
SimCasinoNov 22
Fireworks and a.... Vikings bar?! Is it almost game time? Football is great, but I'm talking about #SimCasino !!
SimCasinoNov 22
#SimCasino is just around the corner!
SimCasinoNov 22
Replying to @Travis_Buckley
Very soon! Time really goes by quickly when you're designing, building, and operating casinos! #SimCasino#Steam#EarlyAccess#indiedev
SimCasinoNov 21
SimCasino is live-streaming on Green Gemini's channel right now! Take a look:…
SimCasinoOct 11
We're currently conducting several phases of closed beta testing for @SimCasino! Want to check the game out early & help us with play-testing? SIGNUP FOR THE BETA HERE:…
SimCasinoSep 4
What are you doing tonight? This is how we're spending our Friday night -- attracting the gaming crowd in #SimCasino! Wishlist on Steam 👌…
SimCasinoAug 21
Building a large 2-story hall in SimCasino. Granite floors and a gorgeous chandelier with a gentle yet vibrant glow -- providing perfect gaming ambiance for your customers in #SimCasino!!
SimCasinoJul 2
Check out this new @SimCasino time-lapse footage of a small casino build-out!…
SimCasinoJun 27
From LVGameDev, the same team behind @SimAirport. Announcing our newest title, coming Fall 2020 -- SimCasino! Check it out & Wishlist it on Steam:…

Your Casino. The Full Casino Ownership Experience.

Fast-Paced & Easy to Learn.

Sims Casino

This is the era of instant gratification and SimCasino gives you plenty of it! You have full, instant control: construction is rapid, inventory is easily managed, and familiar controls & mechanics will have you building mega casino/hotels your first day.

Dynamic & Event-Driven Gameplay

Experience many dynamic and emergent behaviors from the patrons of your gaming establishment. Endless opportunity, regardless of your play-style: design, ultra-high efficiency resort, purely profit-driven. No matter your play style, SimCasino is ALL-IN!

Customize & Design Every Aspect.

This isn't a one size fits all kind of game. There's virtually no limit to your ability to be creative. Build luxury hotels or cheap no-frills casinos. Choose every finish, the walls & flooring, lighting, countertops, even paint the restroom stalls!
You are the architect, designer, operations specialist and ultimately you own the casino!

Deep & Engaging Gameplay

Sim casino guide

Casino Simulator

You will rapidly be building Bellagio-class resorts but there as much depth as you'd like, too! Depth is tailored to you, go as deep (or shallow) as you want! Manage every last chip in the vault, micro-manage the gaming odds, track every deck of cards, design ultimate high-efficiency staff schedule & security patrol schemes -- you can do all of that, and a lot more.