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Shapik the moon quest

Hello everyone! Another week has come to an end. What does it mean? It’s time to take stock! Right now, we are highlighting the best mobile games released in the last seven days. Among them, you will definitely find a toy to which you can devote the lion’s share of your free time without regret. Don’t believe me? Read the mini-reviews and see for yourself!

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Release date: December 9, 2020 (MBT)

Platforms: Android, iOS

If everyone was waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, then the owners of smartphones and tablets begged Riot Games to quickly release the mobile version of League of Legends. It just so happens that MOBA games are very popular on Android and iOS. The reasons are simple – the gameplay is ideally suited for touch screen control (unlike shooters and action games) and the PvP component is very pleasant.

  • Shapik: The Moon Quest is an inspirational point to start the game in a mysterious world after a nuclear war. Hand-drawn adventure in a mysterious post-apocalyptic world. Steam Google Play. SHAPIK: moon quest - handmade quest. The story is told without a single word - but with the help of most beautiful animations and enchanting music.
  • SHAPIK: The Moon Quest is a handicraft quest. The story is told without a single word using only remarkable animations and exciting music.
  • SHAPIK: The Moon Quest is a handicraft quest. The story is told without a single word using only remarkable animations and exciting music. Graphics Backgrounds and characters were drawn by hand. You will find very many seemingly inconspicuous details. Just stop and take a closer look.

About Shapik: The Moon Quest. SHAPIK: The Moon Quest is a handicraft quest. The tale is told without a single word using only remarkable animations and exciting music. New Features: The adventure begins Shapik: The Moon Quest Cheats, Hints, Way to Modify, How to Use & How to Win.

True, all currently existing MOBAs on mobile phones are a donation hell – there is even the notorious pay-to-win, tied to the purchase of cool heroes. Riot Games promised that Wild Rift will have the same monetization system as the PC version. Or similar to her. That is, we will not get a shareware donated game, but a full-fledged MOBA, which is enjoyed by millions of PC gamers.

Wild Rift, despite its direct relation to the usual League of Legends, was not ported, but created from scratch, using a ready-made and time-tested framework. Visually and gameplay both versions of the game will be very similar, but they will also differ – mainly in the control and design, which is optimized for touch devices in Wild Rift. There is also a suspicion that some events will be held simultaneously on two versions of the game, and new champions will migrate to mobile devices as soon as they are thoroughly tested.

Officially open beta testing began on December 9, 2020. First, Asian countries joined it, then Europe and Russia. Access to testing for the CIS countries is slightly delayed, but, according to the assurances of Riot Games, they will soon sort out the servers and everything will go according to plan. Perhaps at the time of reading this article, you can already go to Google Play or the App Store to finally download one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2020.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms

Release date: December 7, 2020

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

A series of 2D platformers with a character editor can make even large role-playing projects envy. The game itself consists of simple gameplay mechanics – jump through the levels, interact with objects, pick up objects, fight enemies, communicate with randomly encountered characters.

The magic begins when the character editor appears. Moreover, he is not only at the beginning, but also during the passage, when the main character finds an object – he himself and the appearance of the object can be customized, moreover, in great detail. The main feature is that, in addition to choosing certain visual presets created by designers, the game offers to independently, literally pixel by pixel, sketch the skin of the character and his equipment. With your imagination, you can create any character. Largely due to this opportunity, the game takes heart. It’s much more enjoyable to play a character that you’ve spent your creative energy on creating.

The game is paid and is not cheap at all. It was released simultaneously on PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch. It is best to play on the switch, because the stylus is used there. A slightly less atmospheric, but still an interesting and convenient version was released for smartphones and tablets, because they also have touch controls. The PC version is the least interesting, which is reflected in the mixed user ratings.

Shapik: The Moon Quest

Release date: April 22, 2020 (PC), December 7, 2020 (Android)

Platforms: PC, Android

Played Creaks or Samorost 2? Yes, we are talking about funny 2D adventures with a bizarre fantasy setting, unusual puzzles and atmospheric soundtracks. So, Shapik: The Moon Quest is one of them. Perhaps the developers just used them as inspiration. By the way, judging by the description on Steam, where this game was released back in April 2020, only four people were involved in its creation. And the result of their labors is impressive.

Action Shapik: The Moon Quest takes place in a mysterious world where nuclear war ended and nature began to gradually seize the places that once belonged to an advanced civilization. The main character will run along them, who will have to find out his own destiny and, possibly, benefit others.

All graphics in the game are drawn by hand. The plot unfolds without a single word – only clouds with pictures that float above their heads tell about the thoughts of the characters. Thanks to this, you can relax, turn off your brains and just follow the development of events, perceiving them only at the visual level. Try it – the game is available on Google Play, where its price is only 129 rubles.

Equestriad World Tour

Release date: December 7, 2020

Platforms: Android, iOS

Similar to a Tamagotchi with elements of an equestrian simulator. From the start, you will be presented with a horse and offered to take care of it, while cleaning the stables, filling up food, sending the horse to swim, pouring fresh water into it. You can also customize the horse and improve its appearance in every way. And then training will begin. You will practice various tricks that will then come in handy in major competitions.

As for the competitions, in the Equestriad World Tour they are based on real-life events, which attracts hundreds of thousands of equestrian sports fans from all over the world. The gameplay on them, which is true, is greatly simplified. You just have to follow the movement of the horse along the track, direct it in the right direction and press the buttons in time so that it overcomes obstacles.

Victory in each championship will depend not only on well-executed tricks, but also on the appearance of the horse and its breed. You will need to carefully look after your pets and gradually replenish your collection with elite horses. The only fly in the ointment in the Equestriad World Tour is the donation, which is associated with the purchase of horses and skins for them. But if this fact does not bother you, feel free to play and learn all the subtleties of the world of equestrian competitions.

Bio Inc. Redemption

Release date: March 8, 2018 (PC), December 8, 2020 (mobile platforms)

Platforms: PC, Android, iOS

Biomedical simulator in which you can kill people or save their lives. If in traditional simulators with the spread of diseases you can only arrange global pandemics and from the outside monitor the destruction of millions of lives, then here the action will be limited to a few people.

Do you want your victim to die faster or suffer a lot? Combine several strains of the virus, add different « perks » to it. In general, fantasize. Do you want to join the doctors and save lives while playing on the highest difficulty level? Then carefully examine the patients, determine the places of infection, come up with methods of treatment.

The game was originally released on personal computers – it happened exactly two years ago. During this time, she was given more than a thousand positive ratings, and the developers have finalized the multiplayer and released full-fledged ports for Android and iOS. If you are interested in this concept of gameplay – create unique diseases or fight the most cunning and dangerous viruses!

Harvest town

Release date: February 24, 2020 (Android), December 9, 2020 (iOS)

Platforms: Android, iOS

Remember Stardew Valley? That 2D pixel farm simulator that has garnered over 200,000 positive reviews on Steam? So, Harvest Town is its mobile copy. It is a copy, because the developers of the projects are different and there is a significant visual difference between them. However, mechanically the games are very similar.

In Harvest Town, you’ll also start a new life on a dilapidated farm. You have to extract resources, plant different crops, repair, build from scratch or improve buildings. In addition, you will get acquainted with the locals, their mini-stories and, possibly, problems.

Starting the passage, having around only a dull wasteland, over time you will create the farm of your dreams, which will have many animals, plants and constantly working mechanisms. True, the game is shareware and contains ads. But if you spent dozens of hours on Stardew Valley in your time, you should at least check out Harvest Town – suddenly you get carried away again, despite the donation?


Release date: April 18, 2019 (PC), December 9, 2020 (mobile platforms)

Platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Could a clicker with primitive mechanics, in which you just click the mouse and achieve some progress in a single player campaign, gain popularity on personal computers? Often times, these games get low marks and are forgotten forever. But not Forager. In 2019, the game became a real indie hit with nearly fifteen thousand positive reviews. But it was also released on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, where it was also popular.

Not wanting to stop there, the developers have released a port for mobile platforms. Judging by the estimates, it turned out to be very good. True, the game on smartphones and tablets has not yet enjoyed great success – only a few days have passed since the release, and the price starts from 699 rubles.


But given how successful Forager is on PC, many fans will definitely want a mobile version of their favorite clicker. Moreover, the gameplay has been moved unchanged – you can collect resources, craft items, build buildings, upgrade the base, guess riddles, search dungeons, puzzle over unusual puzzles in the same way. As the developers correctly noted in the description of Forager, it is impossible to tear yourself away from this clicker. If you don’t believe – take the risk of buying, no one will drag you by the ears!

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Release date: April 25, 2019 (Nintendo Switch), December 11, 2020 (iOS)

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS

A card battler set in a fantasy steampunk setting. Lead a squad of brave heroes and embark on a long-distance adventure to save a hand-drawn world. You are facing battles with terrible monsters, from which you can knock out loot, thereby strengthening the characters you control. Also, you will come across interesting NPCs who will share interesting stories with you.

The project first came out on Nintendo Switch. Rejoicing at the success, the developers released a full-fledged port for the PC within a month, which received almost a thousand positive reviews on Steam. After another year and a half, the game was officially released on iOS.

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech boasts an excellent design, good 2D graphics, an interesting combat system using maps, an interesting storyline and a pleasant atmosphere. The only downside is the price in the App Store – you have to pay 899 rubles. But this game is worth it.

Shapik The Moon Quest

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SHAPIK: The Moon Quest is a handicraft quest. The story is told without a single word using only remarkable animations and exciting music.
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