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IWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac v.1.7.8 iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker is a Mac application that will help you make and print stunning CD and DVD Labels and Covers in Just Few Minutes. Disketch CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac v.3.37 Disketch CD and DVD disc labeling software for Mac. Design and print CD/DVD labels and covers for your music, photo and video collections. Mac/Epson Print solution for photographers. Free to try User rating.

If you have CD/DVD discs with your favorite music, downloaded movies, photos, memories or other golden moments on them, you can make CD labels for these discs, which will give them an attractive look. Your own design of CD label will make it different from other discs.

Ordering designed and printed CD DVD labels sometimes is expensive. So if you want to print CD labels, you can use a specialized program. The main reason people don't consider making their own printed CD labels themselves is that they think it is a time-consuming process as well as difficult and costly task. Thanks to RonyaSoft, that is no longer true. With RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker you can make your own attractive CD labels in just a few minutes. In addition you can also create DVD covers and CD case inserts for your discs. This CD label software supports many CD label maker printers and makes of paper labels.

Following our tips, you will get the next result:

Steps to create and print a CD label:

1. Start by choosing a CD label template

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Run the RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker by clicking on the icon on your Desktop or in the Start menu. Select 'Start from a Template' in the 'Startup Wizard' dialog box.


The Startup Wizard Dialog Box

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The 'Choose a Template' dialog box will open.

There are two types of label template:

  • with bleeds (Standard Label, Full Face Label);
  • without bleeds (Standard Label, Full Face Label).

Labels with bleeds has a bleeding off area of 4 mm larger than the CD disc area to CD label printing on for labels like Neato, Memorex. These are used to compensate for paper centering errors in the printer feed.

If you are planning to print directly on disc surface using CD label printer just select any Label template without bleeds. Bear in mind you cannot change template dimensions later on.

'Standard Label' templates are used for labels with a 41 mm hole, 'Full Face' for labels with a 10 mm hole.

2. Placing and editing design objects

To change the background image of a CD label, click on the 'Load' button in 'Properties' window in the right side of the screen. In the 'Open an Image' dialog box select the desired size of the image and click 'Open'.

To change the picture settings, click 'Edit' in the same 'Properties' window. The 'Image Editor' dialog box will open. Here you can select the part of the image that you want to see in the background of CD label creator.

The Image Editor Dialog Box

(Click to enlarge)

CD Label template already contains a background image and four text objects. To delete any elements, select this object or objects and click the 'Del' key on your keyboard.

To insert the text, image, clipart, rectangles or other geometric shapes into the CD label click the text item in the 'Insert' menu or on the 'Objects' toolbar. To place an image or geometric shapes drag the cursor across the document area to specify the right bottom point of the object.

To edit the text template, left-click the text object and edit properties such as 'Text', 'Font', 'Alignment', 'Placement', 'Blending' in the same 'Properties' window.

Similarly adjust other elements of the document. You can see the step-changes in the picture below.

The Step-changes

(Click to enlarge)

3. Save CD label

To save a document, select the 'Save Item' in the 'File' menu or on the 'General' toolbar. If the document has not previously been saved the 'Save as...' command will be executed automatically.

A 'Standard Windows Save a File' dialog box will open. Select a folder, specify a file name, then click the 'Save' button.

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4. Print document

Mac Label Printer

To print CD labels click the 'Print Item' in the 'File' menu or on the 'General' toolbar. A Standard Windows Print dialog box will open.

Avery Label Maker For Mac

To print CD labels: choose a printer, set its properties if necessary and click 'OK' to proceed. The 'Printout Setup' dialog box will open. Select the label type, specify the make of it, and then click the 'OK' button to start printing a document.

When you want to print CD labels on a CD printer you have to switch printer input feed to disk tray in the Printer properties first. Alternatively you may do this in the 'Printer Settings' dialog before start printing. Than choose 'Disk Surface' and specify your printer make and model from the appropriate dropdown list in the 'Printout Setup' dialog.

If your printer for CD label printing or labels are not available in the lists, try to choose a printer or label make from the same series the same series as yours. The same series printers generally have the same disc trays.

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If your printed CD label is not centered correctly you may adjust the CD printout output position manually in the appropriate fields.

If nothing helps, please submit a support request here.

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This tutorial should help you to create and print CD DVD labels on labels or directly onto the disc surface using CD label printers. To make a CD label all you need is a little imagination and a few spare minutes.