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The game, Prince of Persia, was unveiled in 2008, with Ubisoft marketing it as a reboot of the franchise, with its level and combat design harking back to the original 1989 game. The game came out in December 2008, receiving positive reviews from most video game outlets and decent sales. I reviewed Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones ( ) last October. But the latest edition of Prince of Persia, released this past year for game consoles, is now on the Mac. You can thank TransGaming. Prince of Persia (2008) Windows, Mac, X360, PS3 game. It is also considered a 'reboot' for the Prince of Persia franchise, and has a separate storyline from the 'Sands of Time' trilogy of the previous generation, along with a new cel-shaded art style unlike previous games in the series. With a whole new Prince, storyline, open world environments, combat style, signature illustrative graphical style and the addition of Elika, a deadly new ally, Prince of Persia brings the franchise to new heights of deadly acrobatic artistry and is set to become the #1 action-adventure game of 2008 this holiday season. Prince of Persia is a true Macintosh classic platformer title. It featured advanced fine color graphics for the time compared to the other OS versions (e.g.: DOS). The quality of animations in Prince of Persia were impressive and looked realistic for a 1989 computer game.

Walkthrough: 2008
Developer2008: Ubisoft – Montreal
Platform: Intel only
System requirements: OS version: 10.5.6
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel Core Duo Processor
RAM minimum: 1024 Mb
Video RAM: 256 Mb
Prince of persia 2008 endingHD space: 8.01 GB
* The Intel X3100 graphics chipsets are NOT supported for select game titles and may require a game to be run under “Low Setting” in the Menu to gain better performance.
* the MacBooks with an Intel GMA950 graphics chipset are NOT supported for select game titles
* this game works on makbukah with nVidia graphics

Prince Of Persia 2008 Ending

interface Language: English + Russian
medicine: Not required
Description: the Legendary Prince of Persia is back! In a new guise, with incredible opportunities and history. Now he will have to mediate, torturer and a judge in the dispute two great Gods: Ormaza, the God of Light and Ahriman the God of Darkness. But the Prince is not alone in this global confrontation – with him Elika – cunning, clever and very beautiful female warrior with his destiny and history. Together, our heroes will have to unravel the divine intrigue and stop the curse that has sent down to Earth terrible Ahriman.
compared to the previous trilogy has changed everything from the graphic style to the combat system. Remained unchanged, only the elusive and mystical atmosphere of the Ancient East – the one which you breathe all game majestic series of “Prince of Persia”. This is not a fairy tale… This is the new Prince. And a new legend.
Amazing beautiful portrayal of the characters. I have the feeling that Prince painted watercolor over polygons.
the Unique physics of the game. For the first time in the history of such games you don’t suffer, but enjoy the acrobatics.
the Innovative battle mode. The fight with the enemy resembles a highly artistic sword dance.
Prince of persia 2008 controllerDissimilar really high intelligence AI-mate.
spectacular scenery of Ancient Persia.Prince Of Persia 2008 For Mac
Extras. information: multi-language version, translated and fully voiced except for the launcher.
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A action-adventure and platformingvideo game. Wikipedia.

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Prince Of Persia 2008 Review

English : The new Prince Of Persia is arrived. Little more than a smooth-talking thief, the Prince gets lost in a sandstorm while searching for his donkey, Farah. Of course, this is no ordinary sandstorm. This mystical phenomenon transports the Prince to another land, one seemingly made more of myth than reality. It's here where he fatefully runs into Elika, a beautiful barefoot descendant of a clan sworn to guard the prison of the evil god Ahriman. As bad luck would have it, the two meet just in time to witness Ahriman's release from his prison inside the Tree of Life. His escape releases corruption across the four areas of the world. This corruption will spread further unless the Prince and Elika can heal the infected lands. And so begins your adventure.

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Français : Le cru 2008 de Prince of Persia est un jeu de plates-formes/action laissant la part belle aux acrobaties et duels épiques. Le prince rentre d'une longue aventure, chargé d'un fastueux trésor. Au cours d'une tempête de sable, il se retrouve catapulté dans un merveilleux jardin et confronté à la destruction de l'arbre de la vie. Ahriman, l'esprit du mal et de la destruction est libéré. Il ne tient qu'à notre héros, accompagné de la princesse Elika, d'enfermer à nouveau le mal dans sa prison.