Northgard - Brundr & Kaelinn, Clan Of The Lynx Download Free


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  1. Northgard - Brundr & Kaelin Clan Of The Lynx Download Free Pc
  2. Northgard - Brundr & Kaelin Clan Of The Lynx download free. full
  • Brundr is a Unit unique to the Clan of the Lynx. Together with Kaelinn and Mielikki, Brundr is a replacement for the Warchief for the Clan of the Lynx. 'Brundr is the youngest, playful brother. He may look like an innocent cat, but his scratches are no joke.'
  • Brundr is the youngest and more playful brother, and while he may look like an innocent cat, you should never underestimate his fearsome swipes and prowess in combat.

Be quiet when you approach. Be patient until the right time comes. Be quick and you’ll catch it!

We’re delighted today to welcome and present our sixth Northgard Clan DLC: Brundr & Kaelinn, the Clan of the Lynx. Available for 4,49€ (4,99$), this DLC allows players to take control of a new Viking clan with its own dangerous Relic, new Lore, unique mechanics and a very well accompanied warchief.
A small preview can be seen here:

Led by Mielikki, the Beastmaster, the Clan of the Lynx have an exceptional connection with nature. Proud Hunters, their excellent archery skills and unique luring techniques is more than enough to ensure the ongoing prosperity of their people.
The Clan adopted the graceful but threatening lynx’s Brundr & Kaelinn when they were just cubs, who now serve as the eyes of the clans esteemed leader and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Northgard - brundr & kaelin clan of the lynx download free. full

“Young was I once,
and wandered alone,
And nought of the road I knew;
Rich did I feel

when a comrade I found,
For man is man’s delight.”

Odin ~ The Havamal

You can check the game’s website for further information or the Northgard official wiki on Gamepedia.

Published on September 14

The Clan of the Goat. When it comes to surviving in the dangerous conditions and building sturdy settlements, the Clan of the Goat has no rival. They will endure the harshest of winters and even prosper. Self-sufficient survivalists, they work hard to make the most of every inch of their territory. Adaptable and resilient, they will be right at home on Northgard.

Northgard - Brundr & Kaelin Clan Of The Lynx Download Free Pc

The biggest advantage lies in the unrivaled ability to prosper with only little space available. Enhancing any areas with cheap extra building space and buildings that are able to occupy an extra worker can create by far the strongest economy among all the clans. Further enhanced by the option to trade away excess Food for massive Kröwns income.

Starting Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Start with 1 Sheep and can build two Sheepfolds.
  • Increases the production bonus of your feasts by 20%.

Fame Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • 200 Fame : Shepherd
Allows to build an additional sheepfold. Obtain two free sheep.
Sheepfold production is increased by 10%.
  • 500 Fame : Team Work
Your Defense Towers and all your Military units gain 20% resistance when feasting.
You gain one free Feast per year.
Sharp Axes

Northgard - Brundr & Kaelin Clan Of The Lynx download free. full

Shiny Happy People
Fur Coats
Military Strategy
Feeling Safe
Legendary Heroes
Monster Slayer
Mining Efficiency
Carpentry Mastery

Gefjun's Jar : Allows you to spend Food to summon new Villagers or Sheep and build another Sheepfold. Required Happiness for your population is reduced by 10%.

Story Campaign[edit | edit source]

In the story campaign, Heidrun clan are led by an elderly bannerman named Halvard. A wise and kind-hearted man, he focused on the survival of his people. He abhors senseless violence, but not against resorting to it when provoked. He seemed to be knowledgeable, as he familiar with mystical creatures he and his allies encountered at Northgard which mostly believed to be either myth or rare.


Huginn and Muninn




Brundr and Kaelinn
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