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Plug it in. Provided you are using Mac OS X version later than 10.4.8, no other setup is required.

  1. Designed specifically for Apple Pro Display XDR, the 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam lets you communicate, collaborate, and record in outstanding 4K Ultra HD clarity. Advanced HDR technology ensures crisp picture and vivid color, while RightLight™ 3 technology keeps you looking your best by automatically adjusting to both poor lighting and direct sunlight.
  2. Logitech StreamCam With USB-C Interface Up To 60FPS At 1080P HD. The ideal high-def web cameras have some features in common that make for an ideal streaming Mac web camera choice: USB Video Class - UVC Compatible With OSX 10.5+ 720p and 1080p or 4K HD Resolution Sensors; Optical Quality Glass Lenses; Onboard H.264 Video Compression; Smooth Webcam Autofocus.

Logitech Camera Settings For Mac Catalina


This release incorporates Macintosh support for the QuickCam Pro 4000, QuickCam Zoom, QuickCam For Notebooks Pro, and QuickCam Orbit/Sphere only. With a QuickCam, you can now add live video to.

OS X versions later than 10.4.8 provides all the software your C920 needs for operation with Apple camera apps including those shown in OS X Mavericks: Use your Mac computer’s built-in camera.

Logitech camera settings for mac catalina

Unless you are using your camera with Windows® OS, I suggest that you not install any Logitech software. The software that Logitech includes with the camera may offer additional features over Mac OS X alone, but some Mac OS X users find that the Logitech software conflicts with some of their system elements or other installed third-party software.

Jan 5, 2014 8:59 AM

There are 5 Logitech cams that work with the Mac right out of the box without special software. I found this information on the eCcam web site:
Logitech Compatibility Information: The following Logitech QuickCams are currently available in two versions. Only the newer version is Mac-compatible (UVC compliant).
QuickCam for NoteBooks PRO
QuickCam Orbit MP/Sphere
QuickCam PRO 5000
QuickCam Ultra Vision
QuickCam Fusion
The new models are labeled with the 'Works with Windows Vista' logo, and also feature 'RightLight 2' as one of the features.
Goto to this site to learn about software you can buy to make many webcams Mac-compatible:
I bought the Logitech QuickCam for NoteBooks PRO and it works with my PowerBook G4. Tip: turn down the input volume to decrease the chirps on the audio feed.
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Logitech Camera For Macbook Air

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