Linux For Power Mac G5


Linux For Power Mac G5

A PowerPC edition of Ubuntu MATE 14.04 is ready for testing thanks toAdam Smith from the UbuntuMATE community!

Adam has uploaded the .iso image to OneDrive and it is available from the linkbelow.

Adam says:

Yellow Dog Linux on Power Mac G5. Eugenia Loli 2004-08-03 Linux 19 Comments. The IBM PowerPC 970 CPUs are well-designed, high-performance chips that ship in millions of end-user systems under Apple Computers’ Power Macintosh G5 moniker. These CPUs greatly lower the bar for 64-bit computing on the desktop and on small servers. So now that we finally booted GNU/Linux on the PowerMac G5, we can do some apples to oranges pun intended benchmark comparisons between. PowerMac - 2 GHz, 2-core PowerPC 970 made in 2003, RaspberryPi 2 model B - 4-core 0.9 GHz BCM2709 made in 2015. Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC PowerMac Page. To dual boot your Debian PowerMac system with Mac OS and/or Mac OS X. If you are planning on doing a new installation of Mac OS X, though, do it before installing Debian. But give it a second thought, too: there's a world of power in the Linux command line. Some things that are very difficult to.

Those familiar with PowerPC will know that yaboot is the default bootloader,and that remains so here, but I’ve also added grub to make booting directlyfrom an iso file easier. There is no need to burn a DVD!

You can use the following hashes to confirm the integrity of theubuntu-mate-14.04.1-dev.34508-desktop-powerpc.iso download.

  • md5sum 2bb57b2bbf87b668a94c38dd0393b263
  • sha1sum 9fe995a2832e2c0bcce5604b08095fb7217882ac
  • sha256sum b53d2836c00a2f9180353e908f09ee9eb4b17138dcc72bf692c6bd68b2756032

Linux Mint Power Mac G5

You can find Adam’s announcement on Ubuntu MATE Google+ community. So, if youhave any questions or feedback I suggest you contact Adam here.

Linux For Power Mac G5

Thanks very much to Adam for taking this on and well done on bringing UbuntuMATE to another platform!