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An article, which I believe appeared

in a newspaper, asked why,

The following movies and TV shows have mostly-accurate French subtitles, either on the disk or somewhere online. A few have 3rd-party transcripts that aren't synchronized with the dialog. You can find more movies and series in this HTLAL thread. For the third-highest-grossing film ever in France, and the 68th-highest-grossing film ever internationally, Les Intouchables (The Intouchables, 2011) was pilloried quite a bit - and there’s no doubt it deserved a lot of what it got. But Criticism has a nasty way of turning into a mob that takes three million clubs to the corpse of the petty thief whom the dictator has already.

since it would seem that you are

in effect the Mayor of Chicago,

you're not simply being

appointed to that position.

Well, I tell ya, it's touching.

Like a lot of things in life,

we laughbecause it's funny,

and we laughbecause it's true.

Some people say,

reformers here say:

'Put that man in jail,

what does he think he is doing?'

What I hope I'm doing, and here's

where your paper's got a point,

is I'm responding to

the will of the people.

People are gonna drink. We all

know that. All I do is act on that.

And all this talk of bootlegging.

What is bootlegging?

On the boat it's bootlegging,

on Lake ShoreDrive it's hospitality.

I'm a businessman.

Your reputation is that you control

your businessthrough violence.

That those that don't purchase your

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product are dealt with violently.

It's all right.

I grew up in a tough neighborhood.

We used to say, 'You can get further

with a kind word and a gun'

'than you can

with just a kind word.'

And in that neighborhood

it might've been true.

And sometimes

your reputationfollows you.

There is violence in Chicago,

but not by me

and not by anybody I employ.

Because it's not good business.

Leave us alone down here,

we've got everything we need.

The green beer you're peddlin'

ain't any good.

It's not supposed to be good.

It's supposed to be bought.

I'm not buyin' any.

Don't worryabout it, Pops,

we won't come back.

- How's everyone at your house today?

- They're fine.

- Is your Mama well?

- She has a little cold.

Oh, she does?

- I'm sorry to hear that.

- But she'll be all right.

- There you go.

- Thank you.

That's all right, sweetie.

You be careful crossin' the street.

- Mister!

- You tell your Mama that...

Hey, Mister! Wait!

Mister! Wait!

You forgot your brief...

Yes, I heard it on the radio.

I know.

Now it's time to go to work.

You'll make a good first impression.

I love you, Eliot.

Now, shoo.

Eliot Ness, Special Agent

of the Treasury Department.

- Mr. Ness.

- Thank you, Chief.

At the request

of the City of Chicago,

the Department of the Treasury

has inaugurated a programme

to deal with the flow of illegal

liquor and the violence it creates.

Mr. Ness!

Of what does this programme consist?

I and otheragents of the Treasury

will be working

with the Chicago Police...

Isn't it just another

showpiece programme?

- What do you think of prohibition?

- Do you drink, Mr. Ness?

- Come on, answer the questions.

- It's not just a showpiece.

And I'll tell you

how I feel about prohibition.

It is the law of the land.

Do you consider yourself

a crusader, is that it?

What qualifications

do you have for the job?

Do you have any political ambitions?

All right, boys,

I think that's enough.

What are your real plans?

What have you got coming up?

You'll have to read about it

in the paper.

- Let me ride along with you.

- No. Can't help you.

Mr. Ness, Lieutenant Alderson,

the Flying Squad.

Are you ready to meet the men?

Yes, I am.

I have one more thing to say.

I know that many of you take a drink.

What you've done before today

is not my concern.

But now we must be pure,

and I want you to stop.

It's not a question of whether it's

'a harmless drink'. It may well be.

But it's against the law.

And as we are going to enforce

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the law, we must do first by example.

Are there any questions?

Good. The Department

of the Treasury's had

a man undercover here

for some time now.

We've received word

from this informant

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that a largeshipment of Canadian