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Kitabu is a free ePub reader for Mac OS X platform. It's simple to use and has very lightweight memory imprint. One of the smallest. But it still has library, TOC and supports both ePub2 and ePub3. Kitabu, Tallinn, Estonia. Kitabu, is easy to use Desktop ePub reader for Mac. Simply drag and drop your ePub onto Kitabu and start reading.

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Kitabu For Mac Catalina

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  • The thing I noticed of import was that I could not have multiple bookmarks - though a newer edition may fix that.I have many readers, and they all have their positives. Calibre is full featured, but it's big, and some things it does - may be wonky, but it's the only app that does them. That includes reading every format (let alone converting back and forth to ePub, Mobi and formats you've never even heard of). Kindle Reader and Adobe Digital Editions are top notch, but they don't read each other's formats - which is their key downfall.THIS app is excellent for having a fast reader available - or to include with a DRM free ebook that you send to someone. Depite my having the 'Photoshop' and 'InDesign' of readers (Kindle for Mac & Digital Editions, as well as Calibre), having a tiny app that works DOES have value for small partitions, bootable USB drives, etc.It's not meant to take on those apps - and you shouldn't expect it to. The thing is just 1.9MB in size! I made a folder for this app, using their logo, and the EMPTY FOLDER was 500K!!Give credit where credit is due. It's a fine litle app, and I hope they can add a few features while keeping it small. FYI - Photoshop 1.0 used to come on an 800K floppy disc - and that's where/how you ran it if you didn't have a Mac Plus or better. 800K. That's all! Now it is •3000x larger• than that original app! Yet I still use it 85% of the time for the same functions, despite all the added features. That's how Kitabu is compared to the big apps. It lets you read your book, it's tiny and it was free. It's a nice app.
  • Une solution gratuites et simplissime pour ceux qui ne peuvent avoir iBooks sur leur Mac (10.6 - 10.8). Il ne supporte pas les DRM (moi non plus).Affichage variable selon la qualité de la source.Manque surtout une fonction de recherche.Si vous voulez du lourd, il reste Calibre.
  • NO se me ven partes del libro. Si agrando la letra no se me muestra parte del libro y no se el motivo.
  • Lightweigth, looks good, useful options and intuitive UI. Recommended!
  • If you have Mavericks, you don’t need this app. If you don’t have Mavericks, get Mavericks. There are ~0 reasons not to.
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Kitabu is our easy to use Desktop ePub reader. Simply drag and drop your ePub into Kitabu and start reading.
- Apple Sandbox support.
- Drag and drop.
- Context popup menus.
- E-books library in two views.
- Table of contents.
- Book pane selection. Book can be displayed in one, two or three panes.
- Font and background selection.
- Plays audio & video.
- Fixed Layout.
- QuickLook plugin that previews ePub file metadata directly from the Finder.
Kitabu Mac OSX : Lecteur Livre Electronique ePub (gratuit)
iBooks Alternativen für den Mac: Calibre, Kitabu, BookONO ... -
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