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  • Setting up custom menus Go to Appearance Menus. Create a new menu and add all desires pages into that menu. Drag and drop to reorder pages.
  • Activating User Wall Posting Go to Settings BuddyPress Components. Make sure both “Friend Connections” and “Activity Streams” are enabled. Go to the Settings BuddyBoss Wall menu in your Dashboard.
  • Secondly, if your primary purpose is simply to blog, then BuddyBoss isn't for you. Most other themes out there are meant to make your BLOG look good. BuddyBoss might be a WordPress theme, but it is not built primarily as a blog theme. Styling the blog itself is maybe 5% of what BuddyBoss does. BuddyBoss is a great option for you if.
  • How to integrate BuddyBoss with DigitalAccessPass (DAP)Integration between DigitalAccessPass (DAP) and the BuddyBoss platform will allow you create a powerful online communities membership site. You can control access to your BuddyBoss groups and profile types at 'membership/product level'. Assign Group & Profile Type Access Based on Membership Level/Product 1. When users receive access to a.
  • Hi, i am excited to find this new Jitsi plugin and i will install and test in the coming days. Please tell me, will it work with buddyboss? Thanks, steve

BuddyBoss comes with video tutorials and documentation to guide you through every step, from basic setup to custom CSS. Integrations We make it easy for you to integrate with the most popular plugins for memberships and eLearning.

  • Hi, I was about to ask the same thing and saw the thread, actually, it doesn’t work! after I activate the plugin nothing happens, nothing is shown in the groups or group management/settings, nothing in the backend! just nothing 🙂 can we have any solution or make it work?

    And I would like to ask if you offer extra development service for Buddymeet, in this case, we can communicate somehow and I can share with you the details for a quote. thanks

    I have Buddyboss platform installed and Buddymeet works like a charm out of the box! Thanks!

    It isn’t compatible with the theme, though 🙁 any chance to look into that? If it works with the plugin I’m confident it may be easy to fix.

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    Great thank you! I also modified the code and now working on Buddyboss theme and platform
    but we have another problem now, I can’t invite users to a room because Ajax calling is not working so I cant select users from the group and the invite button doesn’t get active. I can provide you with an installation with the theme and platform installed if you like.

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    Would you mind sharing how did you modify the plugin to make it work with the Theme?


    I would like to thank you for creating this plugin. unfortunately, it is not working on my website and I do need some assistance. I have a stand-alone Jitsi server installed and working 100% ok. I installed BuddyPress and BuddyMeet and I am not able to import my meeting direct from my WordPress website.

    I hope you are able to help to resolve this little issue.

    I have installed Buddymeet with Buddyboss and set up settings but when I click Meet the Group the page is blank? I also tried using the Shortcode on a normal page and nothing happens? Not sure what I am doing wrong, I’ve tried toggling all settings?

    I had the same problem, I solved it this way.
    buddymeet.php line 434 the code js lock it in (function({ /* the code here */ })()

    @danfelbm Sorry for the late reply, I can send you the adjusted plugin that works on Buddyboss theme, a developer made it for me, I don’t know how he did it.
    I hope the plugin author can just do it, as with every update I have to go through the code and try to copy to the new updated version and I am not a developer. And the latest buddymeet version has some major differences I couldn’t make it work. You can check the plugin and compare the difference and apply it to the new version if you can.


One of Memberium’s many integrations with top WordPress plugins is our integration with BuddyBoss / BuddyPress & bbPress.

BuddyBoss includes all the features of BuddyPress (social features) and bbPress (forums) along with many improvements. More on that shortly…

Memberium’s integration will allow you to sync BuddyBoss or BuddyPress profiles to Infusionsoft contact records. We also enable you to automatically add members to groups based on the tags they have. When it comes to forums, you can protect those with Memberium memberships and tags so only specific members have access – this allows you to create private forums.

BuddyBoss vs. BuddyPress

Simply put, BuddyBoss is a combination of BuddyPress and bbPress with a significant addition of features and tweaks that enhance the experience for your members and reduces the number of addon plugins you will need.

For example, BuddyBoss has added features that are missing in BuddyPress, even very basic things like support for media. In BuddyPress you can’t add photos, you have to add a third-party plugin for that. You can’t follow other users, you have to add a third-party plugin for that. These things are built into BuddyBoss and are compatible with Memberium.

For a detailed comparison between BuddyBoss & BuddyPress, check out this page on BuddyBoss’s site after you read about Memberium’s integration below.


Memberium integrates with BuddyPress and bbPress. BuddyBoss is a drop-in replacement for both of those plugins meaning our integration works with BuddyBoss.

How to Sync BuddyBoss / BuddyPress Profiles with Infusionsoft

One of the most important aspects of a membership site with BuddyBoss or BuddyPress is the member profile pages. These pages will let your members add information such as their profile picture, first and last name, about me description, and any other custom fields you setup.

Any text field in BuddyBoss / BuddyPress can be synced to Infusionsoft using Memberium’s integration.

Creating Profile Fields in BuddyBoss

You can easily add new profile fields in BuddyBoss by going to BuddyBoss > Profiles > Add New Field

From there, you just type the name of the field and publish the field…

Here’s an example of how it looks on the front end. Note: I am not using the BuddyBoss theme on this test site, so this screenshot shouldn’t be used as an example of the visual capabilities.

Syncing Profile Fields to Infusionsoft

Now that we have a field created, we’ll sync that to Infusionsoft. Note that you don’t have to sync fields if you don’t want to. 100% optional.

First, enable Sync Meta Updates in Memberium > Settings > Performance…

How To Configure Buddyboss On Mac

With that set to YES, we can now set up the sync by going to Memberium > Sync Options > BuddyPress Fields…

All of your Infusionsoft fields are listed on the left with a dropdown of your BuddyBoss / BuddyPress fields listed on the right.

Infusionsoft custom fields are listed at the bottom. Here’s an example of me syncing a custom field with the field we just created above

Now the field in BuddyBoss / BuddyPress will sync to my custom Infusionsoft field. This is a two-way sync.

How to Automatically Add Members to Groups Based on Tags

BuddyBoss / BuddyPress groups are a great way to build communities in your membership site. You can create a single group that includes all of your members or you can break out groups for each membership level.

Without Memberium, you’ll have to have your members request access to the group(s) and you’ll have to manually go in and approve their access. If they cancel their membership, you’ll have to go in and remove them.

That process isn’t streamlined, so Memberium has a way to help. We automate the entire process of joining and removing group access all based on the tags the member has in Infusionsoft.

At the bottom of the group page, you’ll see the Memberium integration options…

With the settings I have above, anyone with the “Gold Membership” tag will be added as a member to this group.

They will get added during login. If you don’t see all of your members in the group immediately, it is most likely that they just haven’t logged in. Once they log in for the first time, Memberium will add them to the group.

How to Create Private Forums using BuddyBoss or bbPress

BuddyBoss includes a drop-in replacement for bbPress. You don’t need to install bbPress if you’re using BuddyBoss as they’ve built it in with enhancements.

Memberium’s integration will protect your forums using our content protection metabox, so you can protect a forum with memberships, tags, and more.

Under BuddyBoss > Forums > [Your Forum] you will see a screen like the one above. On the right-hand side, you’ll see our protection box.

I’ve protected the forum above with the “Gold” membership level. For someone to access or even view the forum, they’d need to have the Gold membership level.

Creating Private Forums is a great way to increase member engagement and build a community your members will keep coming back to.

How To Install Buddyboss Theme

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