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  1. Gretl software, free download For Mac Os
  2. Gretl software, free download

Gretl is an open source application that contains a pack of tools to carry out statistical analyses as well as econometric estimations. It's an application used in institutions all over the world in the economy field.

Gretl is a software tool developed for users who frequently work with econometric analysis. DOWNLOAD gretl 2018d Build 2018-12-21 for Windows. Gretl 1.9.14 for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. The most popular version among Gretl for Mac users is 1.9. The most popular version among Gretl for Mac users is 1.9.

Gretl software, free download for mac os

Pack of tools used by economists and students all over the world.

Gretl allows you to carry out econometric analyses as you input data, being able to carry out predictions, charts or estimations, among other operations. It uses its own format to store the data, but it allows you to import files in other formats, like XML, for instance. Its interface is simple and intuitive, and it contains complete user guides.

Some of the features of Gretl

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  • Gretl is a software for conducting econometric analysis. What does the program offer? Wide choice of models (the smallest squares, the biggest credibility, linear and non-linear models, GMM moment and interdependent equations method) simple and clear interface; managing variables and tries; saving models to LaTeX files.
  • Wide range of estimation functions.
  • Methods to calculate time series.
  • Limited dependent variables.
  • Output models in LaTex format, as a table or equation.
  • Iterative estimation procedure and command loop structure.
  • GUI controller for Gnuplot graphics.

Download Gretl and resort to one of the most used tools if you need to carry out complex economic analyses.

Gretl software, free download For Mac Os

Gretl software, free download For Mac

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for macOS

This page offers gretl for macOS 10.6 ('Snow Leopard', released 2009) or higher. If you're running a version of OS X prior to 10.6 please see our gretl for legacy Macs page.

Getting gretl

You have a choice of the latest 'official' release or the current'snapshot'. The snapshot is more up to date: often it will containbug-fixes but sometimes it will contain newly introduced bugs. To seewhat's new in the snapshot, take a look at the gretlChange log (the 'in progress' entry).

latest release (Nov 21, 2020)

OR current snapshot


Gretl software, free download For Mac

Tip: If you're updating your gretl installation it may be advisable to delete the old version of gretl before installing the new one.

You may also be interested in the optional extrasbelow.

Installing gretl

Here's the drill:

  1. Click to download either the latest release or the 'snapshot' (above). Theselected gretl package file should appear in your Downloads after a shortwhile, or it may be opened by the Mac Installer program right away.If the package is not opened automatically, minimize your browser window soyou can see what's happening on your desktop, then double-click on the gretlfile in Downloads to open the installer. Either way, you should then bewalked through the installation process.

  2. Navigate to Applications in the Finder and you should now see a gretlicon there. Double-clicking should start gretl. On its first run gretlmay take a while to start, as it scans the fonts available on yoursystem. Assuming gretl starts OK, you can drag its icon from Applicationsonto the dock to get a quick-launcher.

  3. Clean up: the installer (pkg) file canbe moved to the Trash once installation is completed.


Apple security issues

If you're downloading gretl from this site you can be confident that theinstaller contains no malware. However, Apple's security measures may blockinstalling and/or running gretl. In that case what you have to do depends onwhether you're running macOS 10.15 ('Catalina') or higher, or an earlier version.

  • If your macOS is earlier than Catalina, the discussion (with screenshots)at therampagedevblog should tell you what you need to know.

  • If you're running Catalina or higher, here's a step-by-step HOWTO.

    1. Open System Preferences and navigate to 'Security & privacy'. Select the General tab. We'll come back to this window shortly.

    2. Double-click the gretl .pkg file. You'll get a message 'gretl-quartz.pkg can't be opened because Apple cannot check it ...'. Click OK to close the window.

    3. In the tab mentioned in item 1 you will see a message with a button Open Anyway: click that button.

    4. Double-click the gretl pkg file again. Now you'll get the same window as in item 2, but with two buttons: Open and Cancel. Click Open and gretl will be installed.

  • There's a further security issue with Catalina: after installation of gretl, how do you allow the program to access files on your Desktop and other locations? Again, you do this via the 'Security & privacy' item under System Preferences; see Apple's Catalina guide.

Optional extras

Gretl software, free download

You may wish to install X-13-ARIMA-SEATS and/or TRAMO/SEATS. These are specialized programs foranalysis of seasonal time series data, in 64-bit macOS versions compatible with gretl. Theycan be installed via the 'gretl console' in the GUI program; just type thefollowing commands, respectively: