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RTTY with Windows and Soundcard
WinXP - Vista - Win7

'MMTTY is free for Amateur Radio Use'

Download Rtty Software SeaTTY v.2.50 A program to receive weather reports, navigational warnings and weather charts transmitted on longwave and shortwave bands in RTTY, NAVTEX, HF-FAX (WEFAX), GMDSS DSC and NWR-SAME modes. Only receiver and computer with a sound card are necessary. Using MultiMode, you can send and receive RTTY with your Macintosh. Both Baudot and ASCII are supported. After connecting your Mac to your radio (see our interfacing notes for details on this), fire up your copy of MultiMode and set it for RTTY mode. Next, tune in a station sending RTTY.

RTTY, PSK31, MFSK, Hellschreiber, CW, Sitor-B, HF Fax, and Synchronous AM reception. NOTE: Earlier versions of cocoaModem are available for older OS X operating systems. Enabling Software generated FSK. In order to use Software generated FSK, you must start WriteLog and choose a RTTY contest module. If the Rttyrite window did not open when you first started WriteLog, you must open it from WriteLog’s Window menu. When the Rttyrite window opens, go to the Ports menu and select the COM port number assigned to the USB device. Software Generated FSK; WriteLog RTTY Starter; WriteLog Version 12. WriteLog Version 12 Menus; XMMT Support for MMTTY & 2Tone; WriteLog Tutorials Page 2. 75 Baud RTTY.


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New MMTTY Revision History Page
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June 4, 2017

(Full Version - 3.5MB)

MMTTY V170K Engine

September 29, 2010

(Full Version - 2.8MB)

(No installer - for experienced users - 2.6MB)

Inno Installer Info

Updated ARRL.DX file - ARRL.DX.ZIP
Unzip ARRL.DX.ZIP and copy ARRL.DX into the program folder.


Problems using the .chm Help?
See the Contact and Support page


Older Versions of MMTTY

(Full Version - 2.99mb)


Fsk Rtty Software For Mac Windows 10

MMTTY165D split into 2 files

(Install from HD or Floppies)

(Full Version - 2.5mb)

MMTTY165B split into 3 files

(Install from HD or Floppies)

MMTTY 158NP - (979kb)
May work better on some older, non Pentium computers


Rtty Software Free

Installing MMTTY

A fair amount of testing is done before a new release made available on the website. In my tests, I always installed over the older versions To date I have never had any problems. That being said, one never knows for sure how an install will go on every computer.. All I can say is installing over the older version should work.. It might be a good idea to make a back up copy of MMTTY.ini and (urcall).mdt, just in case something goes wrong.

MMTTY Engine

(* Download only if you use another program that requires the Engine*)
MMTTY Engine Ver. 1.68a

Download from the Programmers Download Page
This is the file needed to add the RTTY mode to
commercial programs that use the MMTTY engine.

Older Versions of MMTTY Engine available:


Rtty app

MMTTY PDF Help File View Online - 18mb

MMTTY PDF Help File download zip file - 18mb

Audio files for Testing MMTTY
RTTY audio files I recorded for MMTTY receive testing.
(In Wave and MMV formats)

Getting Started on RTTY

A tutorial on how to get started operating RTTY using MMTTY as the primary program to begin your RTTY operations. Check this and other RTTY information out on the AA5AU RTTY page http://www.aa5au.com/rtty.html

For anyone new to RTTY and MMTTY, this tutorial should be considered as Mandatory Reading before asking questions. Please take the time to utilize this excellent resource!


RTTY Contesting.com
(Dedicated to RTTY mode contesting)

Art Software For Mac

Using MMTTY with FSK

COMFSK information and download

COMFSK allows keying your radio for for PTT/FSK

(1) parallel port
(USB-Parallel converter not supported).
(2) serial port
(3) USB serial adapter

MMJARTS V1.03 (254kb)
(English September 6, 2002)
(Log and Summary Sheets generator for the JARTS RTTY contest)

JARTS Website: http://jarts.jp

Fsk Rtty Software For Mac Pro

For support, please use group.io!