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This document contains the current known issues for Adobe Flash Professional CS6. If you have questions that this document does not answer, see the Flash Help and Support page.

  • On Mac OS, when shortcuts for tools are started with ATOK IME on, Flash Professional CS6 tools don't work on the Stage.
  • Flash Professional CS6 crashes when converting more than two symbols into a symbol. This issue usually happens as a result of the computer being out of memory. To solve this issue, free up available memory. To free up memory, try restarting the system, or closing other open applications or documents. If neither of these options work, add more RAM to the system.
  • You cannot type double-byte characters directly into the Code Snippets panel through IME.
Flash adobe professional cs6

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  • Flash CS5 files sometimes don't open if they contain components in the Library that have been moved to a folder other than where originally created. (For example, the issue occurs when components are dragged from the Components panel into the Library panel.)
  • Symbols saved in XFL format (compressed or uncompressed) are corrupted if its name has a special character. Don't use special characters in symbol names.
  • Windows only: You can't save a FLA file in a Network/Desktop folder a second time after receiving an 'unable to save' error message. To solve this issue, save the file as a FLA file instead.
  • An error occurs when you publish an AIR file if a surrogate pair Unicode character appears in the path to or filename of FLA file. The error also occurs when a surrogate pair Unicode character appears in the file or OS login name.
  • When you use a Japanese Device font in a TLF vertical text field, Japanese symbols appear rotated on the Android runtime and AIR2.6.
  • (Windows) When you publish an AIR for iOS application, an error occurs when the path to the FLA file includes a double-byte or high-ASCII character (not including the FLA filename).
  • When you use a double-byte or high-ASCII character in the filename or path to any included file of an AIR for Android FLA file, the .apk file isn't created.
  • When you use the Japanese language environment of Mac OS, Flash crashes when a high-ASCII-European character is used in the AIR for Android (.apk) output filename.
  • Flash crashes when installed at custom location with special characters.
  • Flash Builder always targets the highest version of Flash Professional installed.
  • Help does not launch from Flash Professional CS6 due to missing Help Configuration files. To access online Help resources, download and install Flash Pro CS6 Help Update.

Alternatively, you can install the Flash Professional CS6 Help Update using Adobe Application Manager.

  1. In Flash Professional CS6, choose Help > Updates to launch the Adobe Application Manager.
  2. Choose Adobe Flash Professional CS6 > Flash Pro CS6 Help Update.
  3. Click Update.

Known issues with Flash Professional CS6 Update 12.0.2

  • [Reference #3294338]: Error opening a FLA with ANE extension on a different computer from the one on which it is created.
  • [Reference #3321319]: Remote debugging does not function with the default network interface for AIR 3.4.
  • [Reference #3298386]: Error when using a FLA mounted on volume named as users.
  • [Reference #3309545]: Error stating Not enough space available on device when publishing AIR applications to Android or iOS devices.
  • [Reference #3324491]: (Windows 7 only) Deploying AIR applications to iOS devices fails intermittently.
  • [Reference #3330944]: The Adobe Application Manager window does not close soon after launching the Adobe Extension Manager.

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Flash Professional Cs6 For Mac


  1. Getting later, sometimes users feel instability to activate
  2. Less reproductiveness comes in 3D content

System Requirements of Adobe Flash CS6 Professional Setup

  • Operating System:
    Win 7, Win 8, and also Win 10.
  • H-D-Space:
    3 GB free or more.
  • Processor:
    Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • RAM:
    (Minimum) 4 GB or more.

Finally, the latest version having some technical terms to utilize on a different platform. So, you have to proceed to Next also implement the registration process. Although, you can follow further adopt different methods, that are describing in the text file in the download button.

Adobe Flash is arguably the most popular multimedia platform today. Users can watch videos, chat, and play games thanks to the capabilities of the Flash player. Content creators are afforded almost unlimited power due to ActionScript 3’s powerful features. Flash wasn’t always the rich and advanced platform it is today, however. It started as a vector animation package named FutureSplash Animator in 1996 and 14 years later, it’s going strong, with a desktop, mobile, and server-side presence.

That’s all, enjoy the latest Professional version in free.


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