Fallout New Vegas Surrender Mod


It was working perfectly in Skyrim, don't know why it's so messed up in Fallout 4. Sometimes nothing happens and you get fully healed, sometimes camera goes under the floor. Maybe someone else can figure it out, but I'm done. Added a better way to integrate my mod with a little instruction for modders. Also, new surrender condition. What I mean is a fallout game that doesn't revolve around a major urban center like they have before. In my opinion going around in the cities is the worst part of any fallout game, the spaces are cramped and there is little room for creativity in a fight, its always just stand at.

Simply Uncut - New Vegas is an Unused Content Restoration Mod for the game Fallout: New Vegas, akin to Simply Uncut for Fallout 3. If you wish to see what Simply Uncut for Fallout 3 looks like, I will leave a link at the very bottom that will take you to the mod page on Nexus Mods. Spanning a multitude of unused NPCs, items, quests, ideas, an unused settlement, and even a new land to explore! While simple in theory, it is in fact big and time consuming! Especially on the quests portion.

Thanks to the lovely members of this site, I found what I needed earlier. But as of right now the situation calls for more talented people to stand up and say 'I will.' for this mod. Continue reading if you are interested!

Fallout New Vegas Surrender Mod

What are you looking for in talent?

Currently, we need talented voice actors willing to volunteer to aid us in development of this project. Either one character or aiding us in the projects entirety, you will be helping us bring the characters in our mod the personality needed to make them truly feel like they were in the game all along. You do not exactly need previous work experience, but it would not hurt. You also must have a decent mic. No background noise.

We also are looking for level designers. People with the know-how on creating areas, cells, and altering landscapes to make may for new things. For this, the FNV GECK is 100% Required.

Fallout New Vegas Surrender Mod

Simply Uncut - New Vegas

Simply Uncut for Fallout 3

By yours truly

nVamp - Fallout Advanced Mod Project
Tired of trying to get the many quality mods to work together properly? Constantly having to adjust your load order and still not seeing the full benefits of every mod? Overloaded with patches to make everything work properly? Or are you just looking for a brand new experience for New Vegas? Well, you're in luck for nVamp is here!
nVamp website: http://www.risegaming.com/nvamp
nVamp forums: http://www.fookunity.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=120
Vaernus - Project Lead
Laxon - Project Support/Web Designer
MyGoodEye - King of Visual Goodness (Electro-City/Lumenarium/Imaginator/CinemaTech)
Marcurios - Graphics Team (URWL for New Vegas/Nevada Skies URWLified/Imaginator)
Tapioks - Graphics Team (FNV Enhanced Shaders)
Gopher - Graphics Team (CinemaTech/Unified HUD Project/Advanced Recon Thermal Gear/Fiendish Power Armor/and more)
Someguy2000 - Director of Mission Control (New Vegas Bounties)
Djmystro - Missions/Locations Team (A World Of Pain)
Galahaut - Missions/Locations Team (Bobblehead Hunt)
Imp Of The Perverse - Boss of Gameplay Fun (Powered Power Armor/Ambient Temperature/IMCN/and more)
Exposure - Gameplay Team (Superior Firepower, A Poor Mans Wasteland)
Sagiittarius22 - Gameplay Team (Reactive People)

Fallout New Vegas Surrender Mod

  • What is nVamp?

nVamp (New Vegas Advanced Mod Project) provides a framework that allows the best mods from many fronts to work together seamlessly and efficiently. This in turn gives the community a bold and new experience when playing Fallout New Vegas. It has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with vampires!
With nVamp, we have taken the largest overhauls to date (FOOK, IWS) and combined this with many other large scale mods (WME, Electro-City, and more) to give users a wide array of new functionality. From bug fixes and new game features, to new armor and weapons, nVamp will not disappoint.
At its core, nVamp provides a patch framework to allow these core mods to work seamlessly, while also combining many of the quality mods that enhance the core mods and adding functionality of its own. It provides an easy and seamless path to add additional functionality in the future with other mods and overhauls that can provide an even better experience for the community.
nVamp is not for the faint of heart, at least not at its default settings. This will challenge your understandings of the game as the entire Mojave Wasteland comes alive. Enemies abound everywhere and they are smarter, quicker, and much better equipped. The factions have come alive and battles can be seen all throughout your travels. And dangerous, yet mysterious, areas have shown up to tempt the Courier with riches and technology for prospecting. It’s up to you to tame this new and foreboding wasteland.

  • What are the parts of nVamp?

Core Mods (Final release on Nexus and main page will link to all mods, as well as release thread, but these can be searched right on Nexus):
? Major Overhauls
§ FOOK – Approved For Use - Credits to FOOK Team
§ IWS – Approved For Use - Credits to The Castle
§ MORE (Perks, Traits, and Challenges) – Approved For Use - Credits to Dree
? Major Fixes
§ Community Bugfix Compilation Patch – Approved For Use - Credits to Linmor and Nexus Community
? New Looks
§ Lumenarium – Approved For Use - Credits to MGE
§ Electro-City – Approved For Use - Credits to MGE
§ Nevada Skies URWLified – Approved For Use - Credits to Yossarian for original Nevada Skies and Marcurios for URWLification (that a word?)
§ Imaginator – Approved For Use - Credits to MGE and Marcurios
§ CinemaTech - Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher and MGE
? New Locations
§ A World Of Pain – Approved For Use - Credits to djmystra
§ A World Of Pain Add-on (Serial Killer) – Approved For Use - Credits to reco22
? New Missions
§ New Vegas Bounties – Approved For Use - Credits to Someguy2000
§ Tales From The Burning Sands – Approved For Use - Credits to Puce Moose
? New Weapons
§ WME – Approved For Use - Credits to Jonnyeah
§ WMX – Approved For Use - Credits to Antistar
§ CFW – Approved For Use - Credits to Linerunner
§ Superior Firepower – Approved For Use - Credits to Exposure
§ CaliberX – Approved For Use - Credits to EARACHE42

Internal Mods (Final release on Nexus and main page will link to all mods, as well as release thread, but these can be searched right on Nexus):
? New Features
§ Realistic Repair – Approved For Use - Credits to Defear
§ Bottle That Water – Approved For Use - Credits to LFox
§ Reactive People – Approved For Use - Credits to Sagittarius22
§ Thermal Vision – Approved For Use - Credits to Lucyblue
§ Thermaputic Power Helmets – Approved For Use - Credits to Lucyblue
§ TUPAM – Approved For Use - Credits to Drag0ntamer
§ Powered Power Armor – Approved For Use - Credits to Imp Of The Perverse
§ NCR Rearmed – Approved For Use - Credits to OpposingFarce, toxa01, and gunnars02
§ Expansion Vendors – Approved For Use - Credits to phoenixfang
§ Save Cass – Approved For Use - Credits to adul
§ Flashlight NVSE – Approved For Use - Credits to documn and Gopher
§ Active Wasteland – Approved For Use - Credits to Hindsight
§ Perk Every Level – Approved For Use - Credits to phoenixfang
§ Skill Based Perks – Approved For Use - Credits to xatmos
§ BAN – Reloaded – Approved For Use - Credits to BAN
§ Cyborg – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Detect Traps – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Boone’s Spotter Perk Enhanced – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Imp's More Complex Needs – Approved For Use - Credits to Imp Of The Perverse
? New Assets
§ Better Smoke and Ballistics – Approved For Use - Credits to Toasty Fresh
§ High-Res Clutter – Approved For Use - Credits to MikaelGrizzly/Tagaziel
§ High-Res RadX – Approved For Use - Credits to MikaelGrizzly/Tagaziel
§ Classic Radaway – Approved For Use - Credits to MikaelGrizzly/Tagaziel
§ Detailed Normals – Approved For Use - Credits to RegentEagle
§ Enhanced Blood Textures – Approved For Use - Credits to dDefinder1
§ Improved Sounds – Approved For Use - Credits to dDefinder1
§ FNV Enhanced Shaders – Approved For Use - Credits to Tapioks
§ Ambient Temperature – Approved For Use - Credits to Imp Of The Perverse
§ HUD Expanded – Approved For Use - Credits to Imp Of The Perverse
§ Unified HUD Project – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Bob's Armory – Approved For Use - Credits to Mr. Dave
? New Missions
§ Bobblehunt – Approved For Use - Credits to Galahaut
§ Goodsprings Filler – Approved For Use - Credits to Lingwei
§ The Collector – Approved For Use - Credits to Gunmaster95
? New Populations
§ Populated Casinos – Approved For Use - Credits to xMrAx
§ Gun Runners Expanded – Lore Version – Approved For Use - Credits to GOXSTRAP
§ NCR Revamped – Approved For Use - Credits to CelsiuZ
§ Legion Revamped – Approved For Use - Credits to CelsiuZ
§ Deathclaw Supreme – Approved For Use - Credits to Esipode
? New Armor
§ Tactics Advanced Power Armor – Approved For Use - Credits to captain-ultima and scruples
§ Boomer T-57c – Approved For Use - Credits to AnOneTwo
§ Brotherhood Armor – Approved For Use - Credits to MikaelGrizzly/Tagaziel
§ Fiendish Power Armor – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Advanced Recon Stealth Armor – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Armored Bounty Hunter Duster – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Black Leather Armored Duster – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher
§ Advanced Recon Gear – Approved For Use - Credits to Gopher

  • Current Status:

Version 0.10 is just around the corner. We just received permission to use CaSO (Combat and Stealth Overhaul) of Fallout 3 from Grandson of Sam, a member of the FOOK team, as a base for the combat system within nVamp. Along with the adjustments in Reactive People and Reactive People 2 (which also focused on stealth, diversions, etc.), combat will never be the same. We're going to be focusing this week to get all those changes in and build a combat overhaul truly worthy of New Vegas. V0.10 has also included vivanto's wonderful Flashlight NVSE, along with Gopher's head mounted armor. This has made a considerably difference with how dark nights and interiors are now, so we hope this counters the weak Pip Boy light and allows the community to use nVamp even during the darkest nights.
We have also received permission to use CaliberX from EARACHE42 as the core mod for ammo distribution. This will be built into the 0.10 build.
We've received permission to include Collosus Armors into nVamp. This is a series of power armors that will end up being added to different factions with nVamp. We still await word back from the asset creator, and will have to tweak it a bit to work with the character meshes in New Vegas, but we're hoping to have this included in release in a few days. Particularly, we are looking at the rusty power armor pieces being mixed in with scavengers like the Fiends and the Legion (which already have other scavenged power armor currently) so along with the huge combat overhaul above, topped with Increased Wasteland Spawns adding a much larger population of them in the areas, it's going to be a deadly wasteland folks.
I think the biggest news is that Bob's Armory, just as it was a major piece of the puzzle for FCOM in Oblivion, is now a part of nVamp with it's New Vegas incarnation. Mr. Dave, the creator of Bob's Armory, has agreed to have it as a major part of nVamp. This will be a huge boost in content for New Vegas with a multitude of weapons, armors, furniture, world objects, etc. We hope to build them in slowly at times (he has been approaching Bob's Armory NV in packs of new objects) and newer versions of nVamp will have all the new content.
Overall, we have received all the permissions necessary for nVamp's launch. We're finalizing a few aspects of the system, doing extensive bug testing, and we're expecting this to launch on Friday. From there, we will begin focusing on expanding nVamp with custom built functionality within, while adding support for any mods the community feels, and mod authors, would greatly enhanced the game.
As for the fixes in 0.10 (Release Candidate):
  • - Built in combat and stealth overhaul. This will be based loosely on Grandson of Sam's Combat and Stealth Overhaul of Fallout 3, mixed with our own changes, with a touch of Reactive People 1 and 2.
  • - System updated to support CaliberX as the ammo base core mod. The beauty of CaliberX is that it's easy for weapon mods to reference it to use the different ammo types on the fly, as explained on their Nexus page. Considering the modular aspect of nVamp, this will allow mods to support nVamp, and subsequently CaliberX, much more easily in the future with new content.
  • - Added Flashlight NVSE to provide a solid flashlight in the game. This will help to counter the darker nights and even darker interiors.
  • - Added the first round of Bob's Armory into nVamp. This is a handful of new items, furniture, etc. More content will be designed over time and added into subsequent versions of nVamp, with this content be added by hand to the world where it provides a great improvement to immersion and fun.
  • - nVamp has been rebuilt to support much more modularity. Every mod that is currently built into nVamp has been setup into a proper 'socket' within the master file. Once we launch, we can work with mod authors to rebuild a 'nVamp friendly' version of the mod. This will not require changes to the mod itself, merely the Form IDs within, and should be a quick process. By doing this, mods can continually be updated even when merged into nVamp, and all we have to do now is compare the new versions of the mod to the base to update it. A positive side effect is that we can help the mod authors continue development of these quality mods and the community can download the changes made in nVamp, or right from the mod itself. No more will there be 'exclusive' versions of merged mods within nVamp, or incompatibility between nVamp and merged mods considering as changes occur, we can recommend downloading the merged mod from it's location on Nexus and load it after nVamp to see the changes on the fly until we merged the changes into the master.

Djmystro has joined the team to handle location development and work closely with Someguy2000 with New Vegas Bounties in order to have a proper scheme for new missions and locations in the future.

Fallout New Vegas Surrender Mod Free

As for the changes in 0.05:
  • - Fixed another small problem, a location error, with the Bobblehead functionality by Galahaut built into nVamp. Working fine now.
  • - Caesar's Legion Overhaul is being removed from the test bed until further notice is given by it's author. We hope to hear back from him soon and I heavily recommend folks try the mod out, especially with the latest updates, at http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36503.
  • - Website is slowly being built to include installation instructions, proper load order, and full details on nVamp. Download link on first release is expected to be on there as well Nexus mid this week.
Fallout new vegas surrender mod download

Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough

Imp of the Perverse has joined the team as our boss of gameplay fun, and Exposure has joined (when he has time) to support the weapon side. Imp will be leading a team to enhance the functionality already in nVamp, and build new functionality that is either missing or light in the current build. On the plate is: gun recoil, energy weapon overheating, much advanced combat AI, and more.
Heavy bug testing is starting, and if anyone would like to test the current build, just pop me a message on here or on Nexus and I will get the latest copy out. I do not want to officially launch this until we have squashed as many bugs/issues as possible. Particularly, I want to be sure that all the core mods are functioning as they should be.
As for the fixes in 0.04:
  • - Repaired some errors in the master file. All's well on that front.
  • - Fixed a small problem, albeit serious, with the Bobblehead functionality by Galahaut built into nVamp. Working fine now.
  • - Arwen/XFO support has been removed from nVamp until further notice from their respective authors. This will allow us to launch in a week without permission troubles.
  • - Added boss Deathclaw to the game compliments of Deathclaw Supreme. Watch out for this bugger as he's killed me quite a few times now.
  • - WME and WMX are both fully supported in nVamp. You can use either weapon mod system, and it's respective weapon plugin for nVamp, to gain the benefits of whichever system you prefer using.
  • - Caesar's Legion Overhaul is currently being tested inside nVamp, mainly to see how interactions occur between IWS, patrols, and the new CLO-based raid fort and NPC enhancements. Still awaiting permission response before it's officially built in.
  • - Full support for Unified HUD Project. Have added all functionality from Imp's mods like Ambient Temperature, HUD Expanded, and Powered Power Armor along with adjustments from Gopher's Advanced Recon Thermal Gear and the HUD system itself.

We're up to v0.03 of nVamp for internal WIP and things are looking solid for a launch in another week. We still await a response from a few core mod authors (XFO and Arwen to name a few), and need to contact a few other authors for internal functionality. But overall, we should be ready to broadcast this out shortly. We feel that parts of XFO and Arwen have been crucial to the entire experience of nVamp, especially when it comes to combat AI which is greatly enhanced with both, and without those we feel that a large portion of this experience is loss. If anyone has a way to get some communication open with their authors, we would be greatly appreciative.
In other news, MGE of Electro-City, Marcurios of URWL New Vegas, Tapioks of FNV Enhanced Shaders, and Gopher of Advanced Recon Thermal Vision and CinemaTech have joined the nVamp team to setup a standard for graphics within the community. With this think tank, we look to build a completely new experience and push the New Vegas engine to greater heights. Who needs the Creation engine when we're done!
Someguy2000 of New Vegas Bounties has also come onboard to head mission/locations design throughout nVamp to ensure a proper and consistent system. We are looking to bring in mission designers like Puce Moose and location creators like djmystro to create a think tank to ensure high quality missions and locations, as well as overlap between the missions as a special plugin of nVamp that can be expanded in the future. More to come soon.
We have completed what looks like all the adjustments to leveled lists to allow all the functionality of the core mods to work with everything else, including the internal functionality created. Particular adjustments (well perhaps the full feature list of nVamp) include:
  • - Large overhaul of game mechanics to provide a much better gaming experience between FOOK, select portions of XFO, and select portions of Arwen's Realism Tweaks. Overall, the game feels much more alive and it's no longer a pushover to beat the game, assuming you don't get sidetracked by all the new content to accomplish anyway.
  • - Merger of all CFW and FOOK based weapons which are being used by all NPCs
  • - Merger of WME mods on all FOOK/Vanilla based weapons. CFW will have to use it's own for the time being obviously.
  • - Merger of AWOP weapons to utilize above weapons list rather than their own duplicates. Didn't quite understand the next for duplicates.
  • - Bounties, Tales, and Rust Town all are now utilizing the above weapons list, as well as all armor adjustments below.
  • - Merger of names and stats, where applicable without affecting the balance FOOK is achieving, of FOOK, CFW, Arwen's, Superior Firepower, WME, and Enhanced Ballistics. All weapons have true names (unless I've missed a few).
  • - Merger of adjustments to armor between FOOK, TUPAM, Powered Power Armor, Thermal Vision, and Advanced Recon Thermal Gear. Power Armor can now be modded with many enhancements. Helmets also have new functionality built in for thermal vision that can be activated when needed. Power Armor itself is much more deadly now with enhanced stats. Running into someone, or something, with Power Armor will not be a simple endeavor anymore.
  • - Merger of repair functionality between FOOK/Vanilla, Realistic Repair, TUPAM, Powered Power Armor. One can now repair equipment with scraps and junk, as well as pieces of other armor.
  • - Fiend bosses now utilize the wonderful Fiendish Power Armor made by Gopher (figured if they own a complete Vault and have such numbers and energy weaponry, they should at least be on par with the legion in terms of scraping together a few sets of power armor)
  • - Fiends have a less than 5% chance to have either a random Fiendish power armor or helmet. Really has shaken up the fiend-controlled areas.
  • - Boomer guards and captain of guards is using the wonderfully designed T-57c Air Force based Power Armor (again, figured they own a rather large air force base, it's feasible that the Air Force could have been playing around with designing a power armor to support their needs)
  • - Brotherhood leaders (Hardin and Ramos) are now sporting the Tactics-based Advanced Power Armor. (I think that we can marginally say Tactics was moderately canon, and if that is true, the armor could have made it's way to the west on select individuals if there was any, at all, contact between the splinter cell and the main headquarters.)
  • - Brotherhood knights have been revamped to use the same armor they sported in Fallout 1 and 2 rather than the recon armor.
  • - Small chance that any Brotherhood patrols and some soldiers may be utilizing the advanced armor as well.
  • - NCR Troopers have been upgraded to support much more reliable weaponry. There are three types of service weaponry they will typically have to counter the dangers now faced in the Mojave from nVamp and the increased legion threats. IWS/NCR Revamped has further increased their power by setting up stronger patrols and checkpoints in many areas. However IWS has also further increased the dangers from other enemies like Fiends, Vipers, Jackals, Powder Gangers, etc. It's going to be a rough time in the desert now.
  • - NCR Rangers now sport a series of armors rather than the patrol armor. They can now be seen with armors created by Gopher from the Advanced Recon Stealth Gear that fits their persona. This includes some armored dusters, and recon gear.
  • - NCR Veterans have also got some love with upgraded versions of the black combat armor, as well as two trenchcoat based armors that suit their leadership when not on the field.
  • - Combat AI has been greatly enhanced on multiple fronts. Between the AI adjustments in XFO and Arwen's, combat is much more challenging and the enemies react much more intelligently on the battlefield, both individually and in teams. Along with Reactive People, you no longer can run around pointing your gun at folks as they will react. This has also provided the added side effect that if someone has a very weak disposition, you can force them to surrender and take all their things.
  • - Heavy expansion of perks, challenges, and traits, along with the ability to have more perks for your companions. Comes in hand with the fact that the Mojave has become much more dangerous, so we've also added both perks every level to support these new perks, and a tag skill system akin to Fallout 1/2 where every tagged skill increases by 2 per point allotted towards it, and a larger bonus when a tag skill is chosen at start. There is also skill-based perks that you can achieve by getting skills to certain levels.
  • - Large amount of quality locations to visit and missions to do. The quality mission mods New Vegas Bounties, Tales from the Burning Sands, Goodsprings Filler, and The Collector provide many hours of excitement and fun to extend an already exciting game. Coupled with the many new locations added by A World of Pain and it's add-on, and Rust Town, and you're looking at plenty to do for the next few weeks.
  • - Overall revamp of the atmosphere of the game. Every aspect has been adjusted and tweaked. Lighting has been revamped through Electro-City and Lumenarium. Weather has been heavily enhanced with Nevada Skies URWLified. Ballistics, blood and smoke has been updated to look much more realistic. Between FOOK and nVamp, many textures have been upgraded. And the sounds have been completed changed out with new and improved versions. The game environment will never be the same.
  • - Plenty more built-in

Current bugs:
  • - Haven't done a huge amount of testing with this version as I just completed it. However, overall I have no run into anything out of the ordinary yet.

Fallout New Vegas Mod Downloads

Current issues:
  • - Messages galore (this was in the last update, but I haven't gotten to building a unified message system for nVamp yet). Going to try to reduce the amount of messages to a dull roar. Only core mods if they require it, like FOOK, to access hotkeys. Perhaps in the future there can be added a single message for all nVamp-based hotkeys. And I want to increase the amount of mystery with the additions into nVamp so removing all messages about the Power Armor, Gun Runners, etc. that can be removed without any items required for the mod to work properly.
  • - Mod-based items need to be reduced into a single menu for all mods built into nVamp that require settings/status updates.


Fallout New Vegas Surrender Models