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Symbiosis-plazaEndless Legend™ - Symbiosis

Amplitude Studios and Sega have announced the release date for the Symbiosis DLC coming to Endless Legend.

The new downloadable content is launching on January 24th, and introduces the Urkans and a new faction, the Mykara. You can find a trailer for the DLC above.

The Urkans are gigantic wandering beasts that randomly appear on the map, claiming territory as they roam. These creatures can be tamed by either bribing or defeating them, giving their new masters access to powerful special abilities.

Free Download Endless Legend v1.8.2 PC Game – War can have a powerful and devastating effect on everything from a single person to an entire people. More intimately, there are times when an individual’s hopes and desires are ruthlessly ground beneath the wheels of the great machines unleashed when countries fall into conflict. Endless Legend: Symbiosis is the sixth major add-on to the 4X strategy. The expansion introduces a number of improvements and novelties to the basic version of the game. First of all, we get the original Mikara fraction. At this point, I would argue that Endless Legend is easily worthy of a top five position amongst its 4X strategy brethren. Its newest (and final) expansion, Symbiosis, lends itself well to helping the core game stand amongst industry giants, literally.

The new Mykara faction are a race of plant-like beings that evolved from unicellular organisms, and are devoted to bringing balance to Auriga. They start from a central stem and gradually expand and overgrow the surrounding land. Instead of settling like other factions, the Mykara turn conquered cities into ghost towns that eventually merge with the greater hive.

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Here’s a rundown of the new content:

Endless Legend – Symbiosis brings forth new colossal beasts called Urkans as well as a brand-new faction: The Mykara.

The Mykara

Through evolution and assimilation, this ancient civilization rose from unicellular beings to full grown warriors. They serve only one purpose, bringing balance back to Auriga.

Endless Legend™ - Symbiosis

The Mykara originate from a unique stem city and overgrow points of interest to fuel their economy. While they cannot settle new land, they can turn conquered enemy cities into ghost towns from which they get bonus resources. After a few turns, their symbiosis with the conquered town allow them to gain bonus traits…

New Gigantic Units: The Urkans

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Urkans are massive beasts that appear randomly around the map taking control of neutral land. To tame the creature, empires will have to bribe or defeat them in battle alongside their minions. Taming an Urkan unlocks a new set of unique abilities that is suited for both defensive and aggressive playstyles.

Endless Legend Symbiosis-plaza

Endless Legend- Symbiosis costs $12.99. You can find Endless Legend on PC and Mac via Steam and the Humble Store for $29.99.