Drift City


Drift City, also known as Skid Rush, is an online MMO game that allows you to drive around freely throughout the city(s) and take on challenges and races. The graphics are cartoony, but the shading helps to make the game feel more three-dimensional. Drift City is back (with already over 500 users online at a time, and more that are active daily).

Drift City has got to be one of the most original games I’ve ever played. Part racer and part RPG, Drift City is the only game that can be truly labeled a racing MMORPG. Besides a lobby based racing game, Drift City offers a huge persistent game world complete with 4 cities, each with unique missions, side quests and geography. Drift City even has a back story — a new valuable fuel source called mitron was discovered on an island in the Pacific.

The island was named after the substance and quickly developed but mysterious unmanned cars began to appear and harass the inhabitants. Dubbed HUVs (High-Tech Unmanned Vehicles), they posed a threat to the island forcing all pedestrians off the roads. Expert drivers from around the world (such as yourself) were called in to deal with the HUV menace.

Drift City

Join the Grand Corolla Auto - Drift City and feel the drift. The city is full of cars for you to drive and drift. The best part is, there's no limit. Do whatever you want. Drifting with these amazing cars will make you feel alive! Become the drift king with the most popular cars ever! This game is the best corolla drift simulator on the market! One of the most popular drifting and fighting.


Moon Palace – This is where new players start their adventure. Moon Palace is a seaside metropolis with a wide open road system. The east of the city houses a portion of the island’s industrial district where Mittron is refined. There is an airport on the west side of this city that is shared with Oros.

Koinonia – Mittron Island’s industrial and commercial center, which also features a seaport.

Cras – A hilly city that is also home to the facilities where Mittron is mined. The city has a tunnel that leads players directly back to Moon Palace without having to pass through Oros or Koinonia.

Oros –A desert city that is a hot spot for Mittron development. Its main facilities are a space center and a secret military installation named “Area 71” based on Area 51 in America. Released in November 21, 2008.

When a game combines great graphics, playability and addictiveness, and all of this online, nothing less is to be expected than excellent entertainment. This is the case of Drift City, an online racing game.


Multiplayer online races from your PC

The story behind this racing game is very simple: in the near future mankind discovers a new fuel source, Mittron, that is much more efficient, powerful and ecological than petrol, but when mankind finally manages to use it, HUVs appear: crewless high technology vehicles, that threaten the existence of each and every person that sets foot out on the street. The logical outcome, of course, is war, but this time on four wheels.

Drift City

As with most multiplayer games, moving up in level and getting better equipment (in this case better car spares) will be the main incentive to keep driving in the cities and islands available.

Drift City

Drift City

There are quite a few cars to choose from that are modeled from modern day Dodge, Jeep, and Nissan models.

Drift City Remastered

One of the most surprising things about this game is its graphics, which have been completely developed using Cel-Shading technology, giving the game a comic-like appearance. It's worth mentioning that the music is pretty good as well.