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Add numbers to sliders (face shape 3, hair 9), hex or RGB for colors, and for Inquisition's crosshair slider the X Y Z coordinates. It seems like a simple thing for them to implement that would make it so much easier for their users. I would be surprised if there weren't already mods for it for those who can use them, but I'm a PS4 player so I cannot. I'd love to see her created both ways if anyone would be interested in giving her a shot. If I feel frisky, I may take a stab at a no-mods version myself, but the.

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Modified some sliders settings I got from reddit. If there is a mod to do so of course. I love the character creation tool Dragon Age Inquisition has.

Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances. Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition. When logged in, you can choose up to 8 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. Elua - Female Elf Inquisitor sliders (no mods) Elua - Female Elf Inquisitor sliders (no mods) Endorsements.

See Thedas in a Different WayWhether you’re a newcomer to the game or a six-hundred hours seasoned vet like myself, Inquisition has mods for everyone level of player. From replacing those silly Skyhold pajamas to giving yourself quicker looting, or more Inquisition levels.Inquisition modding, unlike, is not modding centered around adding in extra content but rather centers on enhancing the game that’s already there. So what are these mods and what do they do? 11) MRM-Multiple Romance ModCan’t decide between Josephine or Cullen? Then don’t!The MRM or Multiple Romance Mod is a mod that allows you to pursue multiple romances within one playthrough. No longer do you need to worry about Solas finding out that you’re flirting with Bull, or Cassandra find out about your fling with Josephine.What the mod actually does, is remove the conversation check that flags that you’re already in another romance, allowing you to pursue as many as you like. Given that different characters have different checks, this mod requires you to install a separate mod for each separate romanceable character, but once you’re finished installing you’re all set!

10)Eyebrows 4 Women and Katherine Face TextureIt’s all in the brows.Looking for better eyebrows than the default hairy game ones? This is the mod for you. What “Eyebrows 4 Women” does is give you a high definition texture replace for the eyebrows that are currently in the game. The end result looks fantastic and looks even better in conversation.Play male characters instead? “Eyebrows 4 Women” has a male counterpart called, “” giving the male characters the same high definition brows that the females can have. 9) War Table - No WaitingThere’s nothing worse than waiting around for a mission to end.When playing Inquisition one of the biggest time wasters I’ve found is waiting around for some new mission to complete.

Though the game gives you tons of side quests to occupy yourself in the meantime, it’s still a wait.“War Table - No Wait” is a self-explanatory mod that vastly improves quality of life while playing Inquisition. Started a War Table mission for Sera but don’t want to wait on it? This mod removes all wait from the War Table missions and lets you get back to the game faster. 8) Custom Body Models - and DAI Mesh Modding TutorialUnhappy with the current body models? This is the mod for you.Unhappy with the default body for your Inquisitor? Wanting a more curvy appeal, or perhaps you’re looking to make your elven body more muscled? Look no further than the Custom Body Models mod.

So what are your options? The mod doesn’t just offer one type of body for each gender, but at the very least three different and unique models.But beyond the mod itself, it also comes with a tutorial on how to mod Inquisition yourself, even if you have no experience. The guide brings you step by step on how to get into the modding scene by walking you through as well as how to use the modding tool. 7) Ardent Blossom Misc StoreWho doesn’t love more options in gear?Though we may come for the ardent blossoms, there’s more than just one reason to download this mod. This mod gives you an one stop shop for all DLC gear items, that usually would take hours to acquire. Complete with gear upgrades as well, this mod is a great way to outfit your character the second you get into Val Royeaux.Best part?

All the items in the store are free. No worrying about saving up tons of gold by completing every quest in the Hinterlands before even getting to Val Royeaux! 6) ConversationCameraZoomMiss the Origins way of conversations?Unlike Dragon Age: Origins, Inquisition opted for a wider camera in conversations, rather than the zoomed in camera of before.

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While some liked the natural feel of an idle conversation with their companions, there are many who miss the zoomed in conversations of Origins; this mod is for them.It’s also important to point out that this mod does not override cinematic companion conversations. Rather simply zoomed in on the normal conversations such as quest or merchant conversations. 5) Those EyesBest mod to pair with your enhanced eyebrows? Better eyes!Another one of the top mods for Inquisition is a texture replacement for the default eyes. Like the eyebrow replacer, this easy to install replacement does away with the drab eyes you start with and instead gives your Inquisitor the eyes worthy of the title “Chosen of Andraste”.The mod comes with thirteen different eye replacers to choose from eyes that are more simply more realistic looking, to eyes that otherworldly.

It’s important to note that you can only use one eye replacement at a time, so choose carefully! 4) Female complexionsUpdate your female Inquisitor with a better look.One thing that really struck me while playing is how absolutely amazing looked. Her complexion, as well as Calpernia and Sera seemed a cut above the default complexions in game. It was only natural that modders would dig through the game's files for those very complexions when releasing modding packs.Hence “Female Complexions” was born.

A mod that allows those custom complexions not only for use on other humans and elves but dwarves too (as well as Calpernia’s skin for Qunari). Complete with an attempt at from Witcher 3’s complexion as well. 3) Rare WeaponsLooking for custom weapons to add to your arsenal?

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Look no further.Though in terms of stats, it was usually better to use your own crafted weapons, there were some fantastic custom models in game that almost made the stat difference worth the look. Thankfully, with this mod, you can have those custom models and your stats too!What this mod has done is take custom models usually only given once per game, and turned them into high tier 4 weapons. The sort that can see you right past the game and straight into. 2) Trespasser Skyhold PJ Replacer and SchematicsWe all need a new set of pajamas from time to time. Even then Inquisitor.One of the biggest complaints about Inquisition was the awful beige tunic and pants worn around Skyhold. Jokingly named the “Skyhold Pajamas” players to the suit since release.Though Bioware did much to improve upon the set giving you a few extra choices while in Skyhold with a later patch there’s still something left to be desired.

This mod aims to fill that need by replacing your regular Skyhold set with Trespasser or DLC armors. 1)More Inquisition LevelsHaving a hard time choosing between perks before reaching your cap? Take a look at this mod.With only twenty levels of your Inquisition in the default game, at times it was hard to make sure you choose the perks best for your needs in game. Thankfully, with this mod, your Inquisition can reach its fullest potential at thirty levels and gain the full thirty-four Inquisition points.This mod really goes great with any playthrough, though it is important to note that this mod does not work with Ardent Blossom Store, but if you’re not planning to use that mod, this is mod is a must-install. So How Do You Install These?Using Dragon Age Mods can be confusing at times, but thanks to sites like the Nexus installations are easy using the.

These managers can organize and help install harder to install mods letting you get back to your game faster and with less headache.You May Also Like.

I'm sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post this but I have a few questions and was hoping to create a guide that's easy to find for people who the same questions as me.So, could someone please explain to me how people are posting all their face slider information. I keep seeing all these faces everywhere, but there no guide or mod that I could find that lets me find out what my character face information is. I think I saw a picture way back about something called a 'face dump', by the warranty voider or whatever, but I'm pretty new to this modding stuff, so I don't know what that is.If anybody can help me or explain it to me I'm sure it would help me and a lot of other people who have been trying to figure this stuff out with little to no success. I'll be eternally grateful for the help!.

It was so cozy and easy with gibbed's save editor in Mass Effect. You could save and replace face codes. And also change plot stats and eventttoCompletely agree you with you.

That would have been ideal for full transfers. Guess you'd still need something like the emporium for changes to that new character, unless you like to run marathons of the same character over and over and over.

Still, i'm so baffled with so many complaints rudubg Origin and bioware have sat on the back-side's for so long on this particular issue. Makes me wonder if it's going to come out as a $29 Super-special-deluxe DLC. Time will tell, but hopefully mods will prevail!

Long live the queens and kings who spank themselves silly to get us our mods fix!. Extracting facegen data from savegamesI found a way to extract the face generation data from savegames. It works pretty well.I have a dilemma. A girl needs the slider settings from a savegame i posted at Nexus. She is playing on a PC.

Her husband is on the PS4. The husband would like the settings to be able to play this character. But how to do this? I did NOT make screenshots when I created the face.I remembered this tool posted and gave it a try:DAI CLI Save Editor by ricco19?I opened the savegame with this tool (in Windows drag the savegame to the tool and it opens automatically).

It is a simple DOS program with 4 options. It lets you save the facegen data as.xml. This can easily be converted to plain.txt (copy and rename to txt).This file contains all facegen data.They look like this:. HEAD AND EARS. My next problem is to use these values to make it visible for the girls husband.Maybe make screenshots from the different parts of the character creation windows? Next to bring them up in Adobe Photoshop?

Dragon Age Inquisition Female Sliders

It has some nice features regarding rulers and helpers.This is a puzzle when you have to do it the other way around.

If you think it is time to bring out the mods on Dragon Age: Inquisition, chances are that you’ve spent hours searching for the official mod manager online. Even though DAI runs on the Frostbite Engine that’s well known for its toughness to cracking and modding, the developers of Dragon Age Inquisition cut us some slack and let us use mods in the game.

Before we teach you how to install Dragon Age Inquisition mods, we are going to show you how to backup your game and ensure that you can retrieve your saved game progress once you are done modding DAI.

There’s only one catch; You have to use the official DA-I Mod Manager. The mods will work but there’s still the risk of breaking your game hence the need to first backup your game saves before venturing into DAI mods.

How to Backup Your DAI Game Saves

You can find your game saves in your Documents > BioWare folder. You will find a couple of files here if you have more than one BioWare games. Open the Dragon Age Inquisition folder and copy the Save folder. Save it at another location in your PC or cloud storage service for safe keeping.

Downloading Dragon Age Inquisition Nexus Mod Manager

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A while ago, the developers of the Mod Manager had a direct link to the file. They have changed this, taken down the link and only lets you download the mod manager through their more useful DAI Tools Suite Loader.

The manager lets you receive updates for the Mod Manager and the Modding tool automatically meaning that you don’t have to constantly look for the latest Dragon Age Inquisition mod manager updates. The tool will take charge of all the updates. All you have to do is keep on modding.

If you don’t have the Mod Manager installed, the tool will display the latest version and avail it for download.

You can download the DAI Tools Suite here

How to Use Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager

Once you have the mod manager installed, you will need to create a folder where you will be saving your mod files. You will then have to launch the Mod Manager from within DAI Tolls Suite and use the Browse option to point it to the mods folder you just created.

Use the other Browse tab on the manager and navigate to the DragonAgeInquisition.exe in your program files. That’s all you need to install Inquisition mods.

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That’s all. You’re now set to start implementing the mods your find at the Nexus or others you gather on the web. A good place to get individual developer DAI mods would be on Tumblr. Look for Tumblrs tagged ‘DAI mods.’

So, now that you know how to use Dragon Age Inquisition mod manager, what are your favorite mods going to be? Please let us know in the comments section below.

How to Mod DAI (Video Guide)