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  • Torrent – Client from Dalaran WoW; Torrent – Client from Heroes of WoW (Spanish) MacOS Client. Magnet – Client from Warmane (WoD Models) Magnet – Client from Warmane (Original Models) Direct – Client from Paragon-Servers (French)(Mac) Magnet. The information below is considered no longer relevant and is left for archival purposes.
  • So I'd had enough of dealing with the issues that wine presents when running WoW.exe and after doing some research here is a nice and easy way of running it natively on Mac. I'm using Mac OS 10.10.2 and WoW is running at 120+ Fps. Download the Dalaran-WoW 3.3.5a Client for Windows.
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  • Download the game client - Start the game client using WoW.exe, not Launcher.exe - Log in using your Warmane account name, not email address: If you already have a client from elsewhere, change the realmlist to: set realmlist logon.warmane.com Need help? Visit our Community Forum for guides and tutorials.

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Gold Packages for Dalaran WoW (Algalon Realm)

The Dalaran's Algalon gold price was last updated today, 12th December 2020 (EU Time). Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.
Update: 2nd July 2020: We are accepting Paypal once again.

Until 31st August 2020 or until our stock runs low,
we will be running with our Special Price of €19.95 / 100K

Dalaran is a place related to many famous characters of the Warcraft lore, like Jaina Proudmoore, the leader 'of the human survivours of Lordareon' and the current ruler of Theramore, Kael'thas Sunstrider, everyones favourite prince, Krasus or the Red Dragon Korialstrasz, who was the one who gave to Rhonin the missions we heard about in.

50000 Gold
€9.97 EUR

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75000 Gold
€14.96 EUR

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100000 Gold
€19.95 EUR

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150000 Gold
€29.92 EUR

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500000 Gold
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1000000 Gold
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Update 23th July 2020:
Atlantiss is releasing a new TBC WoW Server called Karazhan, highly anticipated. You can buy Atlantiss Gold - from our partner site Gold4Vanilla.

Update 2nd July 2020:
Drastic price reduction down to €19.95 from $29.85, Paypal is available once again..

Dalaran Wow 3.3.5a Client For Mac

Update 26th November 2019:
We drastically lowered our price from 4.99 eur down to 1.99 eur per 10K gold until our stocks are stable. If you are interested in playing on another WotLK realm, please check the fresh one by Sunwell called Frosthold. You can buy Frosthold gold from our Gold4Vanilla website.

Update 27th December 2018:
Pricing is balanced again. Our stocks were depleted and the drop rates are decreased by the devs.

Dalaran WoW - the very best private Wrath of the Lich King realm in existence. After focusing on myriad of other realms like Nostalrius Begins Classic WoW (PvP & PvE), Light's Hope Northdale Account Shop as well as our Nethergarde Account Shop, Warmane's Lordaeron, Feenix's Warsong, ED & Archangel and Kronos among others, we have finally decided to dedicate an unique website for providing our popular gold services on Dalaran's Algalon.

Please note that we don't have even the slightest intention of damaging the server's economy. The gold we collect is farmed by all normal means, by utilizing raids, game professions and most notably mining and herbalism. Safety is our foremost priority, so we never use bots or any prohibited means of gather the gold we stock for sale - our team is there, playing the game just like you do. Our service is just a honest trade and it's mostly meant for people who want to enjoy the server, yet they are busy with their school, work or IRL activities.

First time buyers are welcomed to visit the how it works page - we do care to make everything easy and straightforward as possible! No need to skype or e-mail us, you can buy directly from our website!

Your Questions Answered - for buying gold on Algalon

1. How fast are you?

- As stated above, we are a professional team, providing gold for a myriad of other realms. We know you want your purchased gold in your bags as soon as possible. We do that.

2. Your pricing?

- Our pricing & professionalism beats our competitors. When you compare the gold pricing, easy of use and safety when buying from us, it's a total WIN-WIN for you. Yours is just to enjoy the game!

3. How safe is to buy gold for Dalaran?

- Don't be fooled to buy Algalon gold from just anyone. Buying botted and exploited gold may get your account in jeopardy. On the other side, as we have already stated, we gather our stockpiled gold by playing the game just like you, except that we are more oriented on the gold gathering part :-) .

4. Any refund policy?

- As with the other realms we operate on, you are covered by our refund policy which is: If you don't get your gold within 24 hours of your purchase, simply request your refund on the following email address: [email protected] We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

Gold4Dalaran clients love us!

Traded right away in Orgrimmar

Brian Grevstad bierla***@protonmail.com(24th May '18)

So... i asked on the chat if they have gold available, made a purchase and was traded right away in Orgrimmar. This is my second order. Gold4Dalaran is recommended for Algalon gold!

Love the new pricing, raiding is easier

Wow 3.3.5a Download Torrent

Michael Bierla bierla***@gmail.com(25th February '18)

I love the new price. Makes my raiding go much smoother without having to pay a lot for consumables.

3x 100K packages in one week, bonus for the last

Andres Gomez gomka*****@gmail.com(1st October '17)

Purchased 3x 100K packages this week. Got a nice bonus for the last order. Site is legit A+++

Always delivered on time, thanks

Mike Dunnan rogueway13***@hotmail.com(15th July '17)

Sweet trades. Gold always delivered on time, thanks

75000 Dalaran Algalon Gold for Horde

Jordan Gray joker*****@googlemail.com(30th June '17)

Woah.. I'm so impressed! Received a gift from them and made a purchase and got bonus, this is fun.. :P

Bought 10000 but got 25000

Sebastian Partinsebast****@yahoo.de(25th April '17)

I purchased 10000 coins but got 25000 in return. WoW! Thanks for the bonus, i'm amazed!!!

Legitimate Dalaran gold provider

Jordan Deskin gooddealjor****@gmail.com(5th April '17)

Legitimate Dalaran gold provider - all was good with my purchase. I bought 40000 gold, received an e-mail for delivery details and got the gold as instructed thank you!

Delivery was made

Michael Luebke michaellu****@gmail.com(9th February '17)

All good and just on time, received a message from Gold4Dalaran before the delivery was made

private WoW for the first time

Regan Bellemare belle122****@gmail.com(24th November '16)

Algalon is my first hit with private WoW servers, after being stuck with retail for years. Purchased 3000 package today, and 7500 later. Both were delivered as promised.

Account and custom gold amount

Wow 3.3.5a download zip

Sean Barta bart.s******@yahoo.com(7th October '16)

Very satisfied with the service, Gold4Dalaran provided me with an account and my desired amount of gold

Purchases handled efficiently

Max Napoil maxnapolitano***@email.it(28th September '16)

Just dinged 80 and instead of gearing through dungeons, bought that big a** gold package and went to raid directly. I am so happy haha :)

Purchases handled efficiently

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All my purchases made with Gold4Dalaran are handled efficiently by their team, many thanks A+++

50K, solid service

Jacob Courtney curtiejacobi****@outlook.com(16th August '16)

Made a mistake with my 50K order, the team was helpful and delivered the gold on my horde char

5000g for my ally toon


Ashley Valdes gamezonixs****@aol.com(2nd July '16)

The 5000g order i made for my ally toon was delivered fast

Smooth 100k :)

Richard Boström bosttr89****@gmx.de(6th May '16)

Dalaran Wow 3.3.5a Client For Mac 1.8

Ordered a 100k package for 'smoother' gameplay :) :) :)

10K gold - 10 minutes

Benjamin Luther luthersobenj******@gmail.com(9th Febarury '16)

Got the 10K gold i ordered within 10 minutes, that is so lovely!

2000 gold to get me going

Josh Peterson joshpett****@outlook.com(2nd February '16)

Bought 2k to get me going. I will be buying much more as soon as i ding the higher levels! A+++

Brilliant - very satisfied!

Dalaran Wow 3.3.5a Client For Mac Installer

Andrew Gunstream andrewsky*****@gmail.com(27th January '16)

Wow 3.3.5a Server

Making my second purchase after 10 days today. Big thanks!

Wow 3.3.5a Download Zip

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