Boris And The Dark Survival


Boris and the Dark Survival

Boris and the Dark Survival – a spinoff of the hit Bendy game. As you know, Bendy and the Ink Machine is a horror adventure game developed and published by Kindly Beast under the name of Joey Drew Studios. After that game, Joey released another spinoff version, BendyBendy in Nightmare Run. Both versions are loved by many players. Therefore, this third version of Boris and the Dark Survival was released on February 10.

Accordingly, Boris and Dark Survival is posted on Google Play but is not free. To download the game you need to spend about $1, a very small price. This new version still brings awesome adventure gameplay, providing familiar puzzles. But you’ll play another Bendy character, Boris Wolf. It’s a character very familiar to those who love the popular sports band.

A new story about Boris the Wolf

After the game arrives, you’ll play Boris Wolf, the cartoon band’s companion. The story begins when you hunt through Boris’s abandoned animation studio to find the items Boris needs. Not just looking for items, you’ll discover the mystery in the mysterious animation studio with your character. In the cold room, you will face dangers and fears. Ink Demon is hitting you permanently, be careful of it and dangerous!

Boris Dark Revival Free To Play

Guides » Boris and the Dark Survival - How to Find Two Secret Tapes Written by sneakydog008 / Jul 3, 2020 There are 2 secret tapes in savehouse behind the walls. In the game of Boris and the Dark Survival you control a wolf named Boris, who was on in an abandoned Studio for the production of cartoons. You have to look for various objects and solve puzzles. However, be careful - there might be an ink demon. Remember: nowhere is safe. Mods, discussions and more by the Boris and the Dark Survival Modding Community.


The gameplay of Boris and Dark Survival is not very new. Still a puzzle adventure style with terrifying elements. This is a branded gameplay of the Bandy series. Your task in this game is to find the mystery behind the horror house. You need to solve puzzles to complete the task. That way, you will gradually understand the plot of the game.

You control the familiar character Boris Wolf and go home. In the process of solving and finding puzzle trees, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the Ink Demon. It can appear at any time so you have to be extra careful. As far as control goes, you have a familiar three-dimensional scroll button. You can drag and zoom directly on your phone’s screen to change the viewing angle.

3D multi-dimensional graphics

Like the horror adventure games of the Joey Drew Studio before, Boris and Dark Survivor brought the most inspiring photos. Visually, this new version is still the same as the previous Bendi mobile games. This is a sad picture with two dominant shades of black and dark light. With a 360-degree rotation angle, you can observe every location in this awesome home. Just touch and rotate the screen, you’ll see other angles. This adds to the horror of the game, especially when Ink Demon is behind you.

Boris and Dark Survival is a pretty interesting game, though it’s not quite as good as the original Bandy game. The plot of this new version is also somewhat simple, you can solve it quickly. Perhaps that’s why the game is sold at such a low price, it’s much cheaper than the Bendy and Ink machine.

More About Boris and the Dark Survival

If you like adventure, escape and mini horror games, it is one of the new games on the Android platform, produced by Joey Drew Studios, which we think you should definitely try. Your goal is to fight against monsters and try to survive in the dark game studio with Bendy’s wolf friend Boris, who you control.

Rooms waiting to be discovered, dozens of materials you can use, mysteries you need to solve and more are waiting for you. Boris and the Dark Survival is available for download for everyone in the current version. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. It is one of the games that switch to mobile devices via STEAM.

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Starting Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Boris And The Dark Survival Download Apk

A guide that goes over basic gameplay, basics, etc. with a couple strats for the game.

The Hub

Starting in the Hub.

You’ll notice a few things.

  • The Scrap Wall
  • The Music Player
  • The Supplies Box
  • The Elevator
  • Mystery Box

The Scrap Wall
As you go on with the game you’ll find lockers.
Scraps have a small chance of appearing in them, there’s 7 scraps to collect and once you collect them they’ll appear on The Scrap Wall in the hub. You’ll need to find all scraps to get the ending

The Music Player
Similar to scraps, music tracks can also be found in lockers. These can be played on The Music Player in the hub.

The Supplies Box
Bottom right of the hub, near the elevator, you’ll notice a box that has supplies written on it.
Once you hop into the elevator and finish a level you’ll interact with this box to secure items you’ve found.

The Elevator
To the bottom left of the hub, you’ll find The Elevator. Once you enter this you will load into a randomly generated level.

Mystery Box
Interacting with the mystery box will shake it, it’s not currently known what this box does.

The Gameplay

  • Randomly Generated Levels
  • Items
  • Stamina
  • Stamina Stations
  • Hiding Stations
  • Lockers
  • Ink Bendy
  • The Elevator
  • Tape Logs

Randomly Generated Levels
Every time you hop into the elevator from the hub you’ll be placed down into a randomly generated level. You’ll notice at the beginning it’ll flash up the current day. These are endless, there’s no day the game stops at.

You’ll start in a 4-way intersection with the elevator in the middle. You can choose which way to go in any order, though some paths might be blocked off.

Boris and the dark survival pc free download

You’re likely to find yourself either in a hallway, another 4-way, or a room, the generation can get very confusing if you don’t keep track of where you’re going.

They will be placed around the randomly generated level. There’s 6 items each level. You’ll usually find the first one in the starting room with the elevator.

The items you can get consist of

  • A Book
  • A Bone
  • A Plunger
  • A Wrench
  • A Spoon
  • A Radio

Boris And The Dark Survival Free

Though, the items are randomly chosen, so you could end up having to find more than one of the same item.

Once you’ve collected all items, Ink Bendy (See Ink Bendy) will start chasing you no matter what, you can still hide in a hiding station (See Hiding Station) to get him of your tail temporarily. Once you hop out, he’ll start chasing again.

Items can also be found in lockers (See Lockers) rarely.

The bar on the right shows how much stamina you have. This only goes down if you’re sprinting. Once the bar is empty, you can’t sprint. The only way to refill stamina is interacting with a stamina station (See Stamina Stations).

Stamina Stations
You’ll find these spread out around the level. Interacting with these will refill stamina. They have a glowing coffee symbol on the top of the booth.

Hiding Stations
Like stamina stations, they will be found spread out across the map, there will also always be on in the starting room. you’ll use these to hide when Ink Bendy (See Ink Bendy) is near. They’ll blur your vision while inside. You can hide in these as long as you want. Hiding stations have a glowing halo symbol on the top of the booth.

Lockers will also be randomly found across the level. Interacting with these will provide you with a spinning quick time event where you have to press the button as soon as the arrow is pointing to the correct spot on the wheel. Once you succeed the locker will open up, having a small chance of giving you scraps or a music track.

Don’t worry if you fail at the quick time event, you get more chances.

Ink Bendy
a few seconds after you get off the elevator, Ink Bendy will spawn in around a random place in the map.

Ink Bendy patrols around the place constantly, you’ll be able to know when he’s coming by the moving ink near him and a heartbeat sound. Once he sees you chase music will play and he’ll limp towards you quickly. This is when you will want to hide in a hiding station.

Ink Bendy is very forgiving once you hide in one, so if you’re able to reach it you should be fine, he’ll usually stop in front of it, look around for a second, then move on. Wait until he’s off-screen to hop out.

Ink Bendy doesn’t teleport, so be aware of that. He’ll continue to walk at his pace.

The Elevator
Once all items have been collected, you’ll want to book it towards the elevator before Ink Bendy catches you. Once you reach the elevator you’ll succeed and end the level, taking you back to the hub.

Tape Logs
Rarely in a level you will find Tape Logs. Interacting with them will play the tape.


Boris And The Dark Survival Ending


Small Strats

  • Leave an item near the elevator so once you collect the final item, you’ll be able to get out easily.
  • Take notes of where the hiding and stamina stations[‘i] are around you. It’ll be very helpful.
  • if your stamina bar isn’t full and you have a chance, use a station. Even if you feel you don’t quite need it yet, it’s always very nice to have your bar full.
  • Don’t be afraid to sprint. There’s plenty of stamina stations around. If you’re in a long hallway with no hiding station and you’re not sure where Ink Bendy is, dash back to safety.

Strats for escaping Bendy
Sometimes, you can get yourself into sticky situations, here’s tips on how to get out of them.

Boris And The Dark Survival Mods

  • When Bendy’s cornered you and you’re in a room with an obstacle in the middle, try to juke/trick him. Make him walk one way around the obstacle, then once he walks to the side of it, dash to the other side and keep running until you find a hiding station.
  • Don’t take risks, take your time, if you think Ink Bendy is near, either hide in a station or dash out back into a 4-way room.
  • The stickiest of all situations, being trapped in a hallway with no rooms and Ink Bendy is blocking you.
  • What you’re gonna want to do is, if you can, run back to a room and try to juke him there, if there’s an obstacle use the earlier first escaping Bendy strat.
  • If there’s no rooms around, run to once side of the hallway and back up enough for Ink Bendy to run against the wall, once he’s near/against the wall, dash towards him then to the other side of the hallway quickly. If you’re lucky he won’t be able to grab you and you can run off and escape.


Boris And The Dark Survival Song 1 Hour

  • Peeking Holes, hidden messages can appear.
  • Meatley can appear as an easter egg in a peeking hole.
  • Sometimes you’ll find a mechanical heart, picking it up, the Projectionist’s scream will play.

Boris And The Dark Survival Apk

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