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Loud Sounds 'I can't talk normally.' Baldi/Audio is an audio page that contains loud sounds. Please, be careful when hearing the files at high volume or when using headphones.


Game description:

Gamejolt Baldi's Basics Plus

Have you ever thought that your math teacher might be a bit… strange? Well, if you are Baldi’s students, then you are definitely right! This guy is a real disaster and you will definitely have hard time at his school. When you visited the class, Baldi asked you to solve a math problem, but you realized that you cannot do that – it doesn’t have a solution at all! But this doesn’t really bother your crazy teacher, so now he is very mad at you. He is so mad that he is ready to kill you with a ruler! Run away from here – you have only five days to survive.

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Baldi's Basics is a free-to-play, surrealistic meta horror game inspired by nostalgic, low-budget '90s edutainment. Originally created for the 2018 Meta Game Jam by Basically Games, Baldi's Basics has since taken the internet by storm: reaching over ten million game downloads and over ten billion total views on YouTube. Welcome to Baldi’s Basics, a horror game that will show you how painful math can be. Well, it really is painful, since this is a complicated subject and you need to make efforts to understand it. But Baldi is a math teacher and he has his own perception of pain.