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Speaking for myself, but seeing the cover picture was an obvious hint that it was a bit dark with the numbers printed onto their necks despite the happy colors on the first few pages. The first chapter was pretty much interesting because you'd think what am I suppose to expect? But in a sense, you have a similar Owari no Seraph introduction cliche, jailbreak right at the end with an interesting change and a somewhat HxH sense in terms of trying to outwit each other.
The characters with where I've read being only 6 chapters so far doesn't give any good solid ideal review yet but it's a good series for being only as the introduction so far, the characters fit to their ideal impression and trait.
After continuing with more chapters, I have to say up to date of where I'm at presently (ch. 32), there isn't a chapter that had let me down. I've been hyped one chapter after another, my brain is always rattling up a new theory or ideas. It's really an intense series where you can't EVER predict what will happen at all. This is beyond worth it, this is a golden series for myself, I can't wait to be able to buy it in English one day.
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