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Australian standard as2870 pdf downloadable

Australian Standard As2870 Pdf Downloader

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  3. Australian Standard AS 2870-2011 1 establishes performance requirements and specific designs for common foundation conditions as well as providing guidance on the design of footing systems using engineering principles. Site classes as defined on Table 2.1 and 2.3 of AS 2870.

Australian Standard As2870 Pdf Download Pdf

Australian standard as2870 pdf downloadable

Normative and informative sections of AS2870. It is not to be used in place of professional advice. APPLICATION This document is intended to apply as a supplement to AS2870-2011 and comments on some clauses in AS2870-2011. This document sets out additional procedures for good practice current at the date of issue, for: 1.

  • AS 2870-2011Residential slabs and footings
    Sets out the criteria for the classification of a site and the design and construction of a footing system for a single dwelling house, townhouse or similar structure which may be detached or separated by a party wall or common wall, but not situated vertically above or below another dwelling, including buildings classified as Class 1 and Class 10a in the Building Code of Australia. The Standard may also be used for other forms of construction, including some light industrial, commercial and institutional buildings if they are similar to houses in size, loading and superstructure flexibility. The footing systems for which designs are given include slab on ground, stiffened rafts, waffle rafts, strip footings, pad footings and piled footings.
    Supersedes AS 2870-1996 and AS 2870 Supp 1-1996
  • AS 2896-2011Medical gas systems – Installation and testing of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems
    Sets out requirements for the safety aspects, construction, testing and certification, operation and maintenance of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems used for patient care, therapeutic, diagnostic and for operating surgical tools. Non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems include suction pipeline systems. The Standard is intended to apply to suction systems for day care centres and clinical situations. It does not apply to suction systems for laboratories or hospital dental units.
    Supersedes AS 2896-1998
  • AS 4558-2011Decorative gas log and other fuel effect appliances
    Specifies design, construction and marking requirements and test methods for decorative gas log, coal or other fuel effect fires with gas consumptions not exceeding 72 MJ/h. Two types of appliances are covered as defined in Clause 1.2. This Standard is limited to appliances that are designed primarily to have a decorative appearance.
    Supersedes AS 4558-2000 (AG 108-2000)
  • AS 4773.2-2010Masonry in small buildings – Construction
    Sets out construction practices for masonry in small buildings, such as houses, garages, small warehouses and the like.
    Supersedes AS 3700-2001 (in part)
  • AS 4825-2011Tunnel fire safety
    Provides a generic framework for establishing the fire safety systems that are required in new road, rail or bus tunnels to provide an acceptable level of safety in case of fire; provides guidance in the development of a fire safety strategy, the design and documentation of fire safety systems for tunnels.

New Amendments

  • Amendment 1-2010 to AS 1860.2-2006Particleboard flooring – Installation
  • Amendment 2-2011 to AS 2658-2008LP Gas – Portable and mobile appliances
  • Amendment 1-2011 to AS 4553-2008Gas space heating appliances
  • Amendment 1-2011 to AS 4555-2002(AG 105-2002)Domestic gas refrigerators
  • Amendment 1-2011 to AS 4565-2004Radiant gas heaters for outdoor and non-residential indoor use
  • Amendment 2-2010 to AS 5100.4-2004Bridge design – Bearing and deck joints
  • Amendment 2-2010 to AS 5100.5-2004Bridge design – Concrete
  • Amendment 2-2010 to AS 5100.6-2004Bridge design – Steel and composite construction
  • Amendment 1-2011 to AS 6000-2009Organic and biodynamic products

Superseded and withdrawn Standards

  • AS 2870-1996Residential slabs and footings – Construction
    Superseded by AS 2870-2011
  • AS 2870 Supp 1-1996Residential slabs and footings – Construction – Commentary (Supplement to AS 2870-1996)
    Superseded by AS 2870-2011
  • AS 2896-1998Medical gas systems – Installation and testing of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems
    Superseded by AS 2896-2011
  • AS 3700-2001Masonry structures
    Superseded (in part) by AS 4773.2-2010
  • AS 4558-2000(AG 108-2000) Decorative gas log and other fuel effect appliances
    Superseded by AS 4558-2011