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Free Downloads: Ares Mac Os X. License: All 1 2 Free. Apple MAC OS X 10.4 Exam 9L0-060 Guide. Get at MAC OS X 10.4 9L0-060, certification, exam, sample questios, Braindumps sample questions, eplanetlabs, test, sample tests, papers, self study, free, tutorials, faq, pdf, ebook, books, training, mock, tests. About Ares 1.2 For Mac OS X Ares 1.2 is a totally new fusion of action and strategy, combining all the exciting elements of arcade style action with the challenge of real-time strategy. After a successful mission to establish friendly contact with an advanced alien species, the humans of the ship Apollo 2000 learn that Earth has been invaded. With its launch last year, Graebert’s ARES Commander Edition for Macintosh became what the company calls the first “professional, multi-platform CAD solution for Mac, Windows and Linux,” its release predating the Mac version of AutoCAD 2011 by several months.


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ARES Commander is available for Windows®, Mac® OS X and several Linux distributions. You probably know many of the Key Board aliases and you might be using some of them. I will give you a proper list of all the key board aliases for ARES Commander. And I’m sure by using this your speed will be 2 times faster. Using keyboard is much much faster in comparison with using Menu bar, typing full command on command prompt or using Ribbon Panel.

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ARES Commander MAC One Key Shortcuts

ARES Commander for MAC – One Key Shortcuts
KEYCOMMANDFunctionFunction Details
WEXPORTDRAWINGSaving Blocks to FileYou can write entities, a Block, or an entire drawing to a new drawing file.
EDELETEDeleting EntitiesUse the Delete command to remove specified entities while creating, editing, or detailing drawings.
RREFRESH Refreshing DrawingRefreshes your entire drawing.
TNOTECreating NotesThe Note command lets you insert text entities.
UUNDOSetting Undo ControlsThe Undo command reverses previous operations and lets you control undo operations.
IINSERT BLOCKInserting BlocksYou can insert a Block or drawing file into a drawing.
OOFFSETCreating Offsets of EntitiesUse the Offset command to create parallel shapes of Lines, 2D PolyLines, Circles, Arcs, Ellipses, Elliptical Arcs, Splines, Rays, and InfiniteLines.
PPANDynamic PanPanning moves the drawing display without changing the magnification.
AARCConstructing ArcsYou can construct arcs of any length or radius.
SSTRETCHStretching EntitiesUse the Stretch command to change the position of an entity’s nodes, while retaining their relation to other nodes in the entity.
DDIMENSIONSTYLEWorking with DimensionStylesUse the DimensionStyle command to create and modify DimensionStyles.
FFILLETApplying FilletsUse the Fillet command to create rounded corners by replacing parts of two Lines with an Arc.
GQUICKGROUPGrouping Entities QuicklyUse the QuickGroup command to quickly create EntityGroups.
HHATCHCreating HatchesUse the Hatch command to fill enclosed areas or specified entities with a hatch pattern.
JWELDWelding EntitiesUse the Weld command to merge two entities into one.
LLINEConstructing LinesUse the Line command to construct Lines in a drawing.
ZZOOMZooming DrawingThe Zoom command changes the drawing display scale.
XEXPLODEExploding Blocks, Polylines, Hatches, and DimensionsUse the Explode command to break a complex object into its component entities.
CCIRCLEConstructing CirclesYou can use one of several methods to create Circles.
VVIEWSSaving and Retrieving User-defined ViewsA view is a display of the drawing on the screen. You can give any view a name and save it to display later.
BMAKEBLOCKDefining BlocksA Block is a collection of entities bound together as a single entity.
NNOTECreating NotesThe Note command lets you insert text entities.
MMOVEMoving EntitiesUse the Move command to reposition drawing entities within the coordinate system without changing their orientation or size.

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ARES Commander is a product from Graebert GmbH. Graebert GmbH is a leading developer of custom CAD software, solutions and services and has over 30 years of technology expertise…

Disclaimer: I work as Specification Writer for Graebert GmbHand occasionally write for CAD -Tips and Tricks.

I am working as Program Manager in a CAD software development company Graebert GmbH. I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi, India followed by double MBA in Operations and International Marketing. I am using CAD software since 1997. I occasionally write for CAD tips and tricks. I am AutoCAD and Fusion 360 certified professional.

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