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Ink and toner usage is usually described by printer manufacturers as so many pages of A4 using 5% coverage. APFill Ink Coverage Calculator helps you calculate ink and toner coverage on the page (total ink density or total area coverage) before printing. When you use APFill Ink Coverage you can estimate your cost more accurately. What's new in APFill Ink Coverage Calculator 6.1.7355: Added the support of versions from 9.14 to 9.50 (32/64 bit) of the AGPL GhostScript library for working with PDF and PS/EPS files. APFill Ink Coverage Meter is a unique tool for PrintShops and Home users. Now you can optimize pages you print to spend less Ink, Toner and Money.

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Apfill 5 6 Cracked Knuckles

Vehicle Outlines

If you’re a graphic designer and want to start designing vehicle wraps, you’ve probably searched for the best vehicle templates to help turn your designs into amazing moving pictorials. Here, we take a look at some top providers of vehicle templates. Pro Vehicle Outlines This company touts itself as having the “largest North American vehicle template collection.” offers some enticing options including tips and tricks for graphic designers. There are two different packages you can purchase. Pro Version - The Pro Version is shipped via DVD and includes a 400+ template resource book for around $450.

They also offer an update DVD every year as new models are introduced for approximately $300. The Pro Version also includes a 12-month online subscription. With this version you have access to:. Vehicle and specialty templates for over 9,000 vehicles from 1994 to current year.

Template accuracy within ¼-inch on 1:20 scale. Quality vector images that can be imported to Adobe Illustrator. Toll-free technical support. 24/7 Online access to the latest or updated vehicle templates and new vehicles are added on a regular basis. Online Version – The Online Version is available in six and twelve-month subscriptions, $250 and $350, respectively. The features of the online version are the same as the DVD version and vehicle templates are added regularly. Once subscribed, they have a tips and tricks section to help with vehicle templates, a “find-your-vehicle” option and Monday through Friday customer support.

Check their website as they often offer specials on their DVD and online packages. Art Station Vehicle Templates This vehicle wrap template provider offers a DVD version of over 5,400 templates for around $300 for the current year. For other years, you can download individual templates for $30 each. Also offers templates at 1:20 scale with ¼-inch accuracy.

Templates are compatible with Mac or PC and are saved as EPS files meaning the vector images can be uploaded to programs like CorelDraw and FlexiSign Pro. They also have a great FAQ section and you can download some free samples in Adobe. As far as support goes, there is a toll-free telephone number and an email but no designated hours. The Bad Wrap™ Individual vehicle wrap templates can be downloaded at for around $30 or you can purchase a one- or two-year package and receive instant access to their entire library, obtain weekly updates, browse custom templates including PS Touch templates.

The one year subscription is approximately $700 and the two-year is around $1,200. Each vehicle template is created from “professionally photographed vehicles and expertly sized to factory specs.” With each template you get the top (hood, trunk, roof), passenger and driver’s side, front, and rear. These templates are scaled at 720dpi at 10 percent scale for faster rendering and are designed to be used as a drag and drop design tool. The Bad Wrap requires users to have Photoshop or Flexi 10.5 and they only offer customer support for Photoshop.

Vehicle Outlines 2012

Apfill 5 6 Cracked Screen

It’s was hard to find how many template models they carry, but if you dig around, you’ll see they have over 4,000 model years in their inventory with “access to 20,000 models they have not yet templated due to demand.” There is a toll-free telephone number of a fill-in contact form for support where you can enter your exact question but the site doesn’t tell you how long it will take to get a response. Which Should You Choose?

Apfill 5 6 Cracked Fingertips

There are many options available when it comes to vehicle wrap templates and some are more accurate than others. To get the best vehicle wrap templates, it’s a good idea to partner with a professional vehicle wrap design company that has access to the templates you need, including the accuracy you need for a quality end-product. Sunrise Signs offers this service to our wholesale customers and graphic designers.

Apfill 5 6 Cracked Tooth

Need to learn more about our vehicle templates? Contact us for a.