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  1. Super Commando Dhruva is an Indian comic book superhero created by Indian comic book artist and writer Anupam Sinha.Dhruva first featured in the title Pratishodh Ki Jwala in 1987. Since then, the character has featured in many titles published by Raj Comics, including solo issues, two hero and multi-hero crossovers, parallel series set in alternate universes, limited series and guest appearances.
  2. Super Commando Dhruva (सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव, ध्रुव मेहरा in हिंदी) is a fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero, who appears in comic books published by Raj Comics.The character, created by writer and illustrator Anupam Sinha, first appeared in GENL #74 Pratishodh Ki Jwala published in April 1987 and since then, has appeared.
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  1. Dhruv All Comics Pdf Download

These issues include two of the most popular characters of Raj comics Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva.These issue are full of action,mystery and the supporting characters of these two superheroes. Saudangi is a multi starer comics, i think this is the second part of the comics Samrat, it has Inspector steel, Nagraj, Dhruv, and Doga in a single comics. Shakura ka Chakravyuh for people who don’t know who Shakura is, he is a magician from a distance planet and is an arch enemy of our super hero.

Dhruv and his major allies

Super Commando Dhruv is an Indian comic character created by Anupam Sinha and published by Raj Comics. He is milestone in the history of Raj Comics. Dhruv was son of trapeze artists Shyam (father) and Radha (mother) from Jupiter circus. He was brought up in the circus amongst circus artists and animals. He learnt various skills from circus artists and developed skills to talk to animals and birds there.
Dhruv first appeared in Issue No 74, “Pratishodh Ki Jwala”. In the first issue itself, Dhruva’s parents have been murdered by a villain named Jubisco and Dhruva in his rage of fury vows to take revenge and ultimately avenges his parent’s death by killing Jubisco.
Dhruv adopted by I.G. Rajan after murder of his parents. He lives with his foster parents in Raj Nagar and has Shweta as his foster sister. Shweta leads a life of double identity. In real life she is shown as a sweet girl with not much liking for adventures. But she has saved Dhruva’s life on many occasions under the disguise of Chandika.
Dhruva has no idea about the real identity of Chandika. Shweta helps Dhruva with technical aspect of fighting crime and has given him Star Transmitter, special boots which can become skates and Star Line. He also has Star-Blades which are blades in shapes of stars.
Superhero beat villains using their super power. Dhruv is exception to trends, he fight with criminal with his sharp mind while making use of things around him. Dhruv hardly uses any modern technology gadgets; he does use the basic principle of science to solve problems. Although he sometimes uses Star Blades, Roller Skates, Nerve gas capsules and acid capsules. The animals and bird are his major allies. They constantly report the crimes which take place in the fictional city of Raj Nagar.
Dhruv and secret of Chandika
He is proficient in martial arts and good in hand to hand combat. He has great analytic power which helps him in looking for clues at a crime scene and following and nabbing villains. On a number of occasions it is shown that he Achieve a victory over villains more powerful than him by using his wits. He can also breathe under water after his friend Dhananjay gifted him this ability. Dhruva has vowed not to kill anyone so he usually disarm or disable his enemies by using any object found close to him.
In the stories he is paired with other heroes, he is always the one who comes with ideas to counter the villains using the powers of other heroes wisely. To prevent crime in the fictional city of Raj Nagar he patrols every night on his special motor cycle. Dhruva never uses disguise and is shown as wearing a yellow and blue colored dress. He heads a small team founded by himself, called Commando Force, which helps him in fighting crime in Raj Nagar. The other members of the team are Karim, Peter, and Renu.
Dhruv and his crime patrol
Dhruva has appeared in a number of comics along with Nagraj and the pair is very popular. His friends include Black Cat, Dhananjay, Vanputra, Samri, Lori and Commander Natasha who is also his love interest. Some of his main enemies are Grand Master Robo, Chumba, Mahamanv, Chandakaal, NastreDamus and Super Nova.
In our blog we are providing some of his popular comics including his first appeared Issue No 74, “Pratishodh Ki Jwala”.

Dhruv All Comics Pdf Download