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Download 60 Parsecs v1.1.1 Mod.apk. File information. File name: 60 Parsecs v1.1.1 Mod.apk: Alternative file name: 60 Parsecs v1.1.1 Mod: File size: 215.16 MB: File type. Notice: Android Host is a website for free and open source Android-related files. Files are exactly as the users uploaded. This is 60 Parsecs!, a dark comedy sci-fi adventure set in the Atomic Space Age – complete with all the Cold War paranoia, chrome-plated wall accents and cockroaches with space helmets.Lead a crew of woefully unprepared astronauts, equipped with whatever junk – sorry – “supplies” you can grab before blasting off, on a journey across the cosmos that’s best described as misguided. Download 60 Parsecs! For free on PC this page will show you how to download and install the full version of 60 Parsecs! About 60 Parsecs! Is an Atomic Space Age adventure of scavenge and survival developed and published by Robot Gentleman. Free Download (v1.2.1 Build 153) PC Game with Direct Link Safe and Secure. Free Download (v1.2.1 Build 153) For PC Preinstalled. Atomic Space Age was a blast! Until it became the Post-Apocalyptic Space Age. Your space station is about to explode and you only have 60 seconds before things get messy. 60 Parsecs is a highly fascinating, non-linear space adventure that will definitely keep you occupied for long hours. This is a nice combination of action and strategy where you’ll get an opportunity to get your shot of adrenaline and show yourself as a wise strategist.

60 Parsecs Free Download

- Sci-fi discoveries that will take place in the open. In the near future, entire planets are living insane lives for fear of a possible early nuclear war. As soon as astronauts orbit the space station indicates that the object will soon be destroyed. It only takes 30 seconds to charge and exit the station. During this time, the player must collect everything necessary and load it into the shuttle. In the future, the user will have to manage a team and try to create it so that none of its members are killed. The whole process will be from a sea of ​​black humor and interesting situations.